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IELTS BNC: 1748 COCA: 1456
  1. [singular]
    (usually Hell)
    (used without a or the不与 a 或 the 连用) (in some religions某些宗教) the place believed to be the home of devils and where bad people go after death地狱
    • He was terrified of going to hell when he died.他非常害怕死后会下地狱。
    • in hell They were threatened with spending eternity in hell.他们被威胁要永远呆在地狱里。
    Extra Examples
    • Lava poured out of the volcano, glowing like the fires of hell.熔岩从火山中喷出,发出灼热的光,像地狱之火一般。
    • tormented souls in hell在地狱受煎熬的灵魂
    Topics Religion and festivalsb2
    Oxford Collocations Dictionaryadjective
    • eternal
    verb + hell
    • go to
    hell + noun
    • fire
    • in hell
    • the fires of hell
    • the flames of hell
    See full entry
  2. [uncountable, singular] a very unpleasant experience or situation in which people suffer very much苦难的经历;悲惨的境况
    • The last three months have been hell.过去的三个月真受罪。
    • He went through hell during the trial.审讯期间他吃尽了苦头。
    • Her parents made her life hell.她的父母使她生活得很痛苦。
    • Being totally alone is my idea of hell on earth.完全的孤独对我而言就是置身人间地狱。
    • He was in a hell of his own making.他完全是自作自受。
    • in hell For the last few weeks my whole family has been in hell because of this.在过去的几个星期里,我全家都因为这件事而下了地狱。
    • hell for somebody Since she moved in, life has been hell for the other residents.自从她搬进来后,其他居民的生活都很糟糕。
    • it is hell doing something It was hell getting through airport security.很难通过机场安检。
    see also living hell
    Extra Examples
    • I'm never going to escape this hell.我将万劫不复。
    • It was sheer hell having to sit through hours of boring lectures!一连坐几个小时听无聊的讲座,简直就是人间地狱!
    Oxford Collocations Dictionaryadjective
    • absolute
    • pure
    • sheer
    verb + hell
    • endure
    • go through
    • give somebody
    • in hell
    • the… from hell
    • hell on earth
    See full entry
  3. [uncountable] a swear word that some people use when they are annoyed or surprised or to emphasize something. Its use is offensive to some people.(有人认为含冒犯意)该死,见鬼
    • Oh hell, I've burned the pan.真该死,我把锅烧煳了。
    • What the hell do you think you are doing?你到底知不知道自己在干什么?
    • Go to hell!去死吧!
    • I can't really afford it, but, what the hell (= it doesn't matter), I'll get it anyway.实在说我是买不起,但管它呢,无论如何我买定了。
    • He's as guilty as hell.他罪孽深重。
    • (North American English) ‘Do you understand?’ ‘Hell, no. I don't.’“你懂了吗?” “懂个鬼。我根本不懂。”
  4. Word OriginOld English hel, hell, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch hel and German Hölle, from an Indo-European root meaning ‘to cover or hide’.
all hell broke loose
  1. (informal) suddenly there was a lot of noise, arguing, fighting, etc.突然喧闹(或争辩、打斗)起来;顿时乱作一团
    • There was a loud bang and then all hell broke loose.一声巨响之后顿时一片混乱。
    Topics Opinion and argumentc2
beat/kick (the) hell out of somebody/something | knock hell out of somebody/something
  1. (informal) to hit somebody/something very hard猛击;狠打
    • He was a dirty player and loved to kick hell out of the opposition.他是个不讲体育道德的球员,喜欢猛力冲撞对方。
bug the hell/crap/shit out of somebody
  1. (taboo, slang) to annoy somebody very much使十分烦恼;使恼怒
    • The song just bugs the hell out of me.这首歌真他妈的烦死我了。
    • Those two idiots bug the shit out of me.那两个白痴把我惹毛了。
catch hell (North American English)
(British English catch it, North American English get it)
  1. (informal) to be punished or spoken to angrily about something受罚;受斥责
    • If your dad finds out you'll really catch hell!如果你爸爸发现了,你真的会下地狱的!
the devil/hell to pay
  1. (informal) a lot of trouble大麻烦;大乱子
    • There'll be hell to pay when he finds out.一旦他发现了真相,那麻烦就大了。
(just) for the hell of it
  1. (informal) just for fun; for no real reason只是闹着玩;没有真正动机
    • They stole the car just for the hell of it.他们偷这辆汽车只是为了寻求刺激。
from hell
  1. (informal) used to describe a very unpleasant person or thing; the worst that you can imagine十分讨厌;最坏
    • They are the neighbours from hell.这些邻居太可恶了。
    Extra Examples
    • It really was the holiday from hell—it rained all the time, we all got colds, and we missed the plane home.这个假期真是糟糕透顶:雨下个不停,我们全感冒了,还没乘上回家的飞机。
    • She's the girlfriend from hell—I don't know know why he puts up with her.她是来自地狱的女朋友——我不知道他为什么忍受她。
get the hell out (of…)
  1. (informal) to leave a place very quickly迅速离开
    • Let's get the hell out of here.我们马上离开这里吧。
give somebody hell (informal)
  1. to make life unpleasant for somebody让某人受罪;使某人不好受
    • He used to give his mother hell when he was a teenager.他十几岁时常常给他母亲惹麻烦。
    • My new shoes are giving me hell (= are hurting me).我的新鞋磨得我脚疼死了。
  2. to shout at or speak angrily to somebody呵斥;申斥
    • Dad will give us hell when he sees that mess.爸爸要是看见那乱糟糟的样子会骂我们的。
go to hell in a handbasket (North American English)
(also go to the dogs British and North American English)
  1. (informal) to get into a very bad state猛击;狠打
    • This firm's gone to hell in a handbasket since the new management took over.自从新管理层接管后,这家公司就一蹶不振。
hell for leather
  1. (British English, old-fashioned, informal) as quickly as possible尽快
    • to ride hell for leather拼命快骑
hell hath no fury (like a woman scorned)
  1. used to refer to somebody, usually a woman, who has reacted very angrily to something, especially the fact that her husband or partner has been unfaithful(尤指女人因丈夫或情人不忠而)大发雷霆;醋劲大发
a/one hell of a… | a/one helluva…
  1. (slang) used to give emphasis to what a person is saying极其;非常
    • The firm was in a hell of a mess when he took over.他接手时公司一团糟。
    • This holiday is going to cost a hell of a lot of money.这个假期将花费一大笔钱。
    • It must have been one hell of a party.那肯定是一次很棒的聚会。
    • It’s taken him a hell of a long time to get here.他花了很长时间才到这里。
    • That's one helluva big house you've got.你的房子真是大极了。
(come) hell or high water
  1. despite any difficulties无论有什么困难
    • I was determined to go, come hell or high water.我决心要去,不管有什么困难。
Hell’s teeth
  1. (British English, old-fashioned, informal) used to express anger or surprise(表示气愤或吃惊)可恶,天哪
    • Hell’s teeth, I promised I’d be back by two.我发誓我会在两点前回来。
like a bat out of hell
  1. (old-fashioned, informal) very fast疾速地;迅速地
    • She was driving like a bat out of hell.她开得飞快。
like hell
  1. (informal) used for emphasis非常;极其
    • She worked like hell for her exams.她为了考试而拼命复习。
    • My broken finger hurt like hell.我的手指骨折,痛得要命。
  2. (informal) used when you are refusing permission or saying that something is not true绝不;不对
    • ‘I'm coming with you.’ ‘Like hell you are (= you certainly are not).’“我要和你一起去。” “鬼才信呢。”
not have/stand a cat in hell’s chance (of doing something)
  1. (informal) to have no chance at all毫无机会
not have a hope (in hell) (of doing something)
  1. (informal) to have no chance at all毫无机会
    • She doesn't have a hope of winning.她根本无望取胜。
    • You don't have a hope in hell of finding a job.你找工作,门儿都没有。
not have a snowball’s chance in hell
  1. (informal) to have no chance at all毫无机会
    • There isn't a snowball's chance in hell that I'll wear that thing!我根本不可能穿那玩意儿!
play (merry) hell with something/somebody
  1. (British English, informal) to affect something/somebody badly对…造成严重影响;严重损害…
    • Driving on these rough roads has played hell with my tyres.在这些崎岖不平的道路上开车让我的轮胎受不了。
raise hell
  1. (informal) to protest angrily, especially in a way that causes trouble for somebody愤怒抗议;(尤指)大吵大闹
the road to hell is paved with good intentions
  1. (saying) it is not enough to intend to do good things; you must actually do them黄泉路上徒有好意多;光说不练是不够的
scare, annoy, etc. the hell out of somebody
  1. (informal) to frighten, annoy, etc. somebody very much使某人十分恐惧(或恼怒等)
to hell and back
  1. (informal) used to say that somebody has been through a difficult situation经历过困境;历劫归来
    • We'd been to hell and back together and we were still good friends.我们曾经患难与共,现在依然是好友。
to hell with somebody/something
  1. (informal) used to express anger or dislike and to say that you no longer care about somebody/something and will take no notice of them(表示愤怒或厌恶,不再在乎)见鬼去吧,随便
    • ‘To hell with him,’ she thought, ‘I'm leaving.’“让他见鬼去吧,” 她想,“我走了。”
IELTS BNC: 1748 COCA: 1456


1place bad people are said to go to when they die地獄ADJECTIVE | VERB + HELL | HELL + NOUN | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEeternal永恆的地獄VERB + HELLgo to下地獄He was terrified of going to hell when he died.他非常害怕死後會下地獄。HELL + NOUNfire (usually hellfire) 地獄之火PREPOSITIONin hell在地獄裏tormented souls in hell在地獄受煎熬的靈魂PHRASESthe fires of hell, the flames of hell地獄之火Lava poured out of the volcano, glowing like the fires of hell.熔岩從火山中噴出,發出灼熱的光,像地獄之火一般。


2very unpleasant place/situation極痛苦的地方或狀態ADJECTIVE | VERB + HELL | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEabsolute, pure, sheer, total, utter絕對的慘況;徹底的噩夢;完全是地獄般的苦難It was sheer hell having to sit through hours of boring lectures!一連坐幾個小時聽無聊的講座,簡直就是人間地獄!living活地獄The last few weeks have been a living hell for the refugees.過去的幾週對難民來說真是活地獄。personal, private個人的悲慘經歷She'd been going through her own personal hell over the last month.過去的整整一個月,她經歷了地獄般的個人災難。suburban, urban郊區的/城市的鬼地方VERB + HELLendure, go through忍受/經受苦難She's been going through hell with that bad tooth.那顆爛牙讓她吃盡了苦頭。give sb, make sb's life使某人受罪;把某人的生活變成地獄Her boss is making her life hell.老闆把她整得簡直生不如死。escape逃離地獄I'm never going to escape this hell.我將萬劫不復。PREPOSITIONin hell在地獄中'We're living in hell!' said one of the refugees.一位難民說:“我們就像生活在地獄裏!”PHRASESthe... from hell最壞的⋯She's the girlfriend from hell-I don't know why he puts up with her.她這麼個女朋友太可惡了 - 我真不明白他為什麼能受得了她。hell on earth人間地獄For someone who doesn't like heat, Florida would be hell on earth.對不喜歡炎熱天氣的人來說,佛羅里達簡直就是人間地獄。
IELTS BNC: 1748 COCA: 1456
hell noun
IELTS BNC: 1748 COCA: 1456

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