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TOEFL BNC: 6384 COCA: 5066


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  1. the activity of fighting a war, especially using particular weapons or methods战;作战;战争
    • air/naval/guerrilla warfare空战/海战/游击战
    • countries engaged in warfare参战国
    Collocations War and peaceWar and peace战争与和平Starting a war开战
    • declare/​make/​wage war (on somebody/​something)(向…)宣战/挑起战争/发动战争
    • go to war (against/​with somebody)(向…)开战
    • cause/​spark/​provoke/​foment/​quell unrest引起/平息骚乱
    • incite/​lead/​crush/​suppress a revolt/​rebellion煽动/领导/镇压起义/叛乱
    • launch/​mount/​carry out a surprise/​terrorist attack发起/实施突然/恐怖袭击
    • prevent/​halt/​represent an escalation of the conflict防止/阻止/表明冲突升级
    • be torn apart by/​be on the brink of civil war被内战搞得四分五裂;濒于内战
    • enter/​invade/​occupy somebody’s territory进入/侵略/占领某人的领土
    • lead/​launch/​resist/​repel an invasion领导/发起/抵制/击退武装入侵
    Military operations军事行动
    • adopt/​develop/​implement/​pursue a military strategy采用/发展/实施/执行军事战略
    • carry out/​execute/​perform military operations/​manoeuvres
    • send/​deploy/​station/​pull back/​withdraw troops派遣/部署/派驻/撤回部队
    • go on/​fly/​carry out a reconnaissance/​rescue mission进行/驾机执行/执行侦察/营救任务
    • train/​equip/​deploy army/​military/​combat units训练/装备/部署陆军/军事/作战分队
    • lead/​launch/​conduct a raid/​a surprise attack/​an (air/​airborne/​amphibious) assault (on somebody)领导/发起/实施(对某人的)突然袭击/(空中/空投部队/登陆)攻击
    • employ/​use guerrilla tactics采用游击战术
    • conduct/​wage biological/​guerrilla warfare进行/发动生物战/游击战
    • fight/​crush/​defeat the rebels/​the insurgency设法战胜/镇压/挫败叛乱者/叛乱
    • suffer/​inflict a crushing defeat遭受惨败;大获全胜
    • achieve/​win a decisive victory赢得决定性的胜利
    • halt/​stop the British/​German/​Russian advance阻止英国/德国/俄罗斯的前进
    • order/​force a retreat命令/强迫撤退
    • join/​serve in the army/​navy/​air force加入陆军/海军/空军;在陆军/海军/空军部队服役
    • be/​go/​remain/​serve on active duty在服现役
    • serve/​complete/​return from a tour of duty在服役;服役完毕;服役归来
    • be sent to the front (line)被派往前线
    • attack/​strike/​engage/​defeat/​kill/​destroy the enemy袭击/攻击敌人;与敌人交战;击败/杀死/消灭敌人
    • see/​report/​be engaged in heavy fighting目睹/报道/参与激战
    • call for/​be met with armed resistance要求/遭遇武装抵抗
    • come under heavy/​machine-gun/​mortar fire冒着激烈的/机关枪的/迫击炮的射击
    • fire a machine-gun/​mortar shells/​rockets (at somebody/​something)(对…)发射机关枪/迫击炮弹/火箭弹
    • shoot a rifle/​a pistol/​bullets/​missiles步枪/手枪射击;发射子弹/导弹
    • launch/​fire a cruise/​ballistic/​anti-tank missile发射巡航/弹道/反坦克导弹
    • use biological/​chemical/​nuclear weapons使用生物/化学/核武器
    • inflict/​suffer/​sustain heavy losses/​casualties遭受惨重损失/伤亡
    • be hit/​killed by enemy/​friendly/​artillery fire被敌军/友军/炮火击中/射死
    • become/​be held as a prisoner of war成为战俘;作为战俘被监禁
    Civilians in war战争中的平民
    • harm/​kill/​target/​protect innocent/​unarmed civilians伤害/杀死/瞄准/保护无辜的/手无寸铁的平民
    • cause/​avoid/​limit/​minimize civilian casualties/​collateral damage导致/避免/限制/最大限度减少平民伤亡/附带性破坏
    • impose/​enforce/​lift a curfew强制实行/解除宵禁
    • engage in/​be a victim of ethnic cleansing参与种族清洗;成为种族清洗的受害者
    • be sent to an internment/​a concentration camp被送到俘虏拘留营/集中营
    • accept/​house/​resettle refugees fleeing from war接受/收容/安置战争难民
    • fear/​threaten military/​violent reprisals害怕/扬言要军事/暴力报复
    • commit/​be accused of war crimes/​crimes against humanity/​genocide犯/被指控犯战争罪/反人类罪/种族灭绝罪
    Making peace和解
    • make/​bring/​win/​achieve/​maintain/​promote peace促使/带来/赢得/实现/保持/促进和平
    • call for/​negotiate/​broker/​declare a ceasefire/​a temporary truce要求/商谈/协商/宣布停战/暂时休战
    • sign a ceasefire agreement签署停战协议
    • call for/​bring/​put an end to hostilities要求发动/引发/结束战争
    • demand/​negotiate/​accept the surrender of somebody/​something强烈要求/商讨/接受…投降
    • establish/​send (in) a peacekeeping force建立/派遣维和部队
    • negotiate/​conclude/​ratify/​sign/​accept/​reject/​break/​violate a peace treaty商讨/达成/正式批准/签署/接受/拒绝/破坏/违反和平协定
    see also biological warfare, chemical warfare, germ warfare
    Extra Examples
    • The rebels waged guerrilla warfare against the army.叛乱分子对军队发动了游击战。
    • warfare against other tribes反对其他部落的战争
    • The fighting quickly turned into full-scale guerrilla warfare.这场战斗很快演变成一场全面的游击战争。
    Topics War and conflictc1
    Oxford Collocations Dictionaryadjective
    • open
    • conventional
    • modern
    verb + warfare
    • conduct
    • engage in
    • wage
    • warfare  against
    • warfare  between
    See full entry
  2. the activity of competing in an aggressive way with another group, company, etc.(群体、公司等之间的)斗争,竞争,冲突
    • gang warfare帮派冲突
    • The debate soon degenerated into open warfare.争论很快恶化,演变成了公开的论战。
    • warfare between gangs帮派间的冲突
    see also class warfare, psychological warfare
    Oxford Collocations Dictionaryadjective
    • open
    • conventional
    • modern
    verb + warfare
    • conduct
    • engage in
    • wage
    • warfare  against
    • warfare  between
    See full entry
TOEFL BNC: 6384 COCA: 5066


ADJECTIVE | VERB + WARFARE | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEopen公開的衝突Rivalry between football fans developed into open warfare.足球迷之間的對抗升級為公開的衝突。conventional, modern常規/現代戰爭biological, chemical, germ, nuclear生物戰;化學戰;細菌戰;核戰class, gang, internecine, tribal階級鬥爭;幫派爭鬥;內戰;部落衝突guerrilla, siege, trench游擊戰;圍攻戰;塹壕戰aerial, air, naval, submarine空戰;海戰;潛艇戰asymmetric, asymmetrical不對稱戰爭Terrorism is a response to asymmetric warfare.恐怖主義是對不對稱戰爭的一種回應。jungle, mountain, urban叢林戰;山地戰;城市戰economic, ideological, psychological經濟戰;思想戰;心理戰a subtle form of psychological warfare一種巧妙的心理戰VERB + WARFAREconduct, engage in, wage進行/參加/發動戰爭The rebels waged guerrilla warfare against the army.叛亂分子對軍隊發動了游擊戰。PREPOSITIONwarfare against對⋯的戰爭warfare against other tribes反對其他部落的戰爭warfare between⋯之間的戰爭warfare between gangs幫派間的衝突
TOEFL BNC: 6384 COCA: 5066
warfare noun
TOEFL BNC: 6384 COCA: 5066
Wars, battles and military manoeuvres: drawdown, overwatch, war...
Arguments: argument, disagreement, conflict...

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