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IELTS BNC: 380 COCA: 554


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  1. [countable]
    (abbreviation St, st)
    a public road in a city or town that has houses and buildings on one side or both sides大街;街道
    • along/down/up the street I was just walking along the street when it happened.事情发生时,我正沿着街道走。
    • She lives just up the street here.她就住在街这边。
    • across the street The bank is just across the street.银行就在街对过。
    • in the street He is used to being recognized in the street.街上常有人认出他来,他习以为常了。
    • Workers took to the streets in protest.工人走上街头抗议。
    • It's not safe to walk the streets at night.夜间在街上走不安全。
    • It's a medieval town, with narrow cobbled streets.这是一个有着狭窄鹅卵石街道的中世纪小镇。
    • a crowded/residential/quiet/deserted street拥挤的/住宅区的/安静的/无人居住的街道
    • 92nd Street第 92 大街
    • 10 Downing Street唐宁街 10 号
    • You can find these shops on every street corner.你可以在每个街角找到这些商店。
    • The council promised better street lighting and cleaner streets.市政会承诺改善街道照明和清洁街道。
    • a street map/plan of York约克街道地图/平面图
    • My office is at street level (= on the ground floor).我的办公室在一楼。
    More About roadsroadsRoads and streets公路和街道
    • In a town or city, street is the most general word for a road with houses and buildings on one or both sides:在城镇,street 为最宽泛的用语,指街道:
      • a street map of London.伦敦街道图
      Street is not used for roads between towns, but streets in towns are often called Road:street 不用以指城镇间的道路,而城镇里的街道常称作 Road:
      • Oxford Street牛津街
      • Mile End Road.迈尔恩德路
      A road map of a country shows you the major routes between, around and through towns and cities.
    • Other words used in the names of streets include: Circle, Court, Crescent, Drive, Hill and Way. Avenue suggests a wide street lined with trees. A lane is a narrow street between buildings or, in British English, a narrow country road.
    The high street市镇商业大街
    • High street is used in British English, especially as a name, for the main street of a town, where most shops, banks, etc. are:
      • the shoe shop in the High Street高街的鞋店
      • high street shops.市镇大街的商店
      In North American English Main Street is often used as a name for this street.
    Larger roads较宽大的公路
    • British and American English use different words for the roads that connect towns and cities. Motorways, (for example, the M57) in British English, freeways, highways or interstates, (for example State Route 347, Interstate 94, the Long Island Expressway) in North American English, are large divided roads built for long-distance traffic to avoid towns.
    • A ring road (British English)/an outer belt (North American English) is built around a city or town to reduce traffic in the centre. This can also be called a beltway in North American English, especially when it refers to the road around Washington D.C. A bypass passes around a town or city rather than through the centre.
    see also backstreet, cross street, high street, main street, side street, stop street
    Culture street namesstreet namesIn Britain, main roads outside towns and cities are known by numbers rather than names, although some roads that follow the line of former Roman roads have names, for example, the Fosse Way, which goes from Exeter in the southwest of England to Lincoln in the East Midlands. If a main road passes through a town, that part of it usually has a name, often that of the place which the road goes to, for example, London Road.The main shopping street in a town is often called High Street, or sometimes Market Street. Many streets take their name from a local feature or building. The most common include Bridge Street, Castle Street, Church Street, Mill Street and Station Road. Some names indicate the trade that was carried on in that area in the past. Examples are Candlemaker's Row, Cornmarket, Petticoat Lane and Sheep Street. Many streets laid out in the 19th century were named after famous people or events. These include Albert Street, Cromwell Road, Shakespeare Street, Wellington Street, Trafalgar Road and Waterloo Street. When housing estates are built, the names of the new roads in them are usually all on the same theme. Names of birds or animals are popular. Others are based on the old names for the fields that the houses were built on, for example Tenacres Road, The Slade and Meadow Walk. The name of a road is written on signs at each end of it.Some streets have become so closely identified with people of a particular profession that the street name itself is immediately associated with them. In London, Harley Street has been associated with private doctors and Fleet Street with newspapers.In the US main roads such as interstates and highways are known by numbers. Most towns and cities are laid out on a grid pattern and have long streets with avenues crossing them. Each has a number, for example, 7th Avenue, 42nd Street. The roads are often straight and have square blocks of buildings between them. This makes it easier to find an address and also helps people to judge distance. In Manhattan, for example, Tiffany's is described as being at East 57th Street and Fifth Avenue, which means it is on the corner of those two streets. The distance between West 90th Street and West 60th Street is 30 blocks.As well as having numbers, many streets are named after people, places, local features, history and nature. In Manhattan there is Washington Street, Lexington Avenue, Liberty Street, Church Street and Cedar Street. Some streets are named after the town to which they lead. Streets called Post Road are named because the mail used be delivered along that route. The most important street is often called Main Street. A suburb or subdivision (= group of houses built together in a section of a city) of a city may have streets with similar names. In a subdivision of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, all the names end in ‚wood‘, for example Balsawood Drive, Limewood Drive and Aspenwood Drive.Some roads are called boulevards, with Hollywood's Sunset Boulevard and Miami's Biscayne Boulevard among the best known. Avenues usually cross streets, as in New York, but often the word is chosen as part of a name for no particular reason. Avenue and boulevard once indicated roads with trees along each side, but few have trees today. A road in the US is usually found outside cities, though Chicago uses the name for some central streets.Some street names have particular associations: Grant Avenue in San Francisco is associated with Chinatown, Beale Street in Memphis with the blues, and Bourbon Street in New Orleans with jazz. In New York Wall Street is associated with the financial world, Madison Avenue with advertising and Broadway with theatres.
    Extra Examples
    • A couple were arguing out in the street.一对夫妇在街上争吵。
    • Crowds thronged the streets.人群蜂拥上街。
    • Dead bodies littered the streets.街上死尸遍地。
    • Gangs roamed the streets at night.夜晚,一帮帮混混儿在街上游荡。
    • He could see her across the street.他能看见马路对面的她。
    • He grew up on the mean streets of one of the city's toughest areas.他在城市中治安最差的一个地区的陋巷中长大。
    • He suffered extensive injuries in a street attack.他在一起街头袭击事件中多处受伤。
    • He wandered through the streets of Calcutta.他漫步在加尔各答的大街上。
    • He works at a small store on Main Street.他在商业大街上的一家小商店里工作。
    • I was living on 10th Street off Hudson.我住在哈得孙河附近的第十大街上。
    • It really irritates me when people ride bicycles in pedestrian streets.看到有人在步行街骑自行车,我会很恼火。
    • Most local people support the idea of traffic-free streets.大多数当地人支持设立步行街的观点。
    • Most street names were changed under the new regime.在新政权下多数街名都改了。
    • Mozart is remembered by a street named after him.为纪念莫扎特,一条街道以他的名字命名。
    • Police were told to clear the streets of drug dealers before the Olympics.警察受命在奥运会前清除街上的毒贩。
    • She parks her car in the street.她把车停在了街上。
    • She stepped out into the street.她迈步走到街上。
    • Spectators lined the streets.观众在街道两旁排列等候。
    • Take the second street on the right after the bridge.过了桥之后走右边第二条街。
    • The police have been patrolling the streets in this area since the murder.自谋杀案发生以后,警察一直在这个地区的街道上巡逻。
    • The shops had no street numbers on.商店没挂门牌号。
    • The streets are teeming with traffic.街上车来车往。
    • The streets were packed with people shopping.街上挤满了购物的人群。
    • There were photographers outside the street door so she used a back entrance.临街的门外有人拍照,所以她走了后门。
    • There's a chemist's just up the street.街道这边就有一家药店。
    • They walked along the street.他们沿着街道步行。
    • Thousands of people were out on the streets for the protest.数千人走上街头表示抗议。
    • We live in Barker Street.我们住巴克大街。
    • You've taken the wrong street.你走错路了。
    • a club just off William Street就在威廉大街边上的俱乐部
    • a painting of a typical Parisian street scene描绘典型的巴黎街景的油画
    • a plan to keep teenagers off the streets不让青少年流落街头的计划
    • people dealing drugs on the street街头毒品贩子
    • street fighting between police and stone-throwing youths警察与投掷石块的青年之间的巷战
    • streets lined with cafes咖啡馆林立的街道
    • the dense street pattern of the old town老镇密集的街道布局
    • the town's main shopping street这个城镇的主要商业街
    • Do you have a street plan of the town?你有这个城镇的街道图吗?
    • I met him by chance in the street.我在街上与他偶遇。
    • I spotted her on the other side of the street.我在街道的另一边发现了她。
    • I walked up the street as far as the post office.我沿街一直走到了邮局。
    • The streets are very busy at this time of year.每年的这个时候街道都很繁忙。
    • narrow winding streets弯弯曲曲的狭窄街道
    • Many people just walk into the gallery off the street.许多人只是走进街对面的画廊。
    • She looked out over the busy city streets.她眺望着繁忙的城市街道。
    • a one-way street单行道
    • a street sign街道标志
    • She crossed the street to avoid him.她穿过街道以避开他。
    • It was time to take the political struggle onto the streets (= by protesting in large groups in the streets of a city).该是将政治斗争进行到底的时候了。
    Topics Transport by car or lorrya1, Buildingsa1
    Oxford Collocations Dictionaryadjective
    • broad
    • wide
    • narrow
    verb + street
    • go along
    • go down
    • go up
    street + verb
    • go
    • lead
    • run
    street + noun
    • corner
    • map
    • plan
    • across a/​the street
    • along a/​the street
    • down a/​the street
    • above street level
    • at street level
    • below street level
    See full entry
  2. [singular] the ideas and opinions of ordinary people, especially people who live in cities, which are considered important(尤指城市里)街头民意
    • The feeling I get from the street is that we have a good chance of winning this election.我从街头民意调查感觉到我们很有机会赢得这场选举。
    • The word on the street is that it's not going to happen.民众普遍认为此事不会发生。
    • Opinion on the street was divided.街上意见不一。
    Topics Opinion and argumentc2
  3. see also Civvy Street, Grub Street
    Word OriginOld English strǣt, of West Germanic origin, from late Latin strāta (via) ‘paved (way)’, feminine past participle of sternere ‘lay down’.
the man (and/or woman) in the street
  1. an average or ordinary person, either male or female平民;老百姓
    • Politicians often don't understand the views of the man in the street.从政者通常不理解平民百姓的观点。
    • What really matters to the man and woman in the street?街上的男女真正重要的是什么?
on easy street
  1. (old-fashioned, informal) enjoying a comfortable way of life with plenty of money环境舒适;生活优裕;安定富足
(out) on/onto the streets/street
  1. (informal) without a home; outside, not in a house or other building无家可归;流落街头;在外面大街上
    • the problems of young people living on the streets年轻人流落街头的种种问题
    • If it had been left to me I would have put him out on the street long ago.换了我,早就把他赶出家门了。
    • She was thrown onto the street.她被赶到大街上。
on/walking the streets
  1. working as a prostitute做妓女;靠卖淫为生
streets ahead (of somebody/something)
  1. (British English, informal) much better or more advanced than somebody/something else(比某人或事物)好得多,先进得多
    • a country that is streets ahead in the control of environmental pollution一个在整治环境污染方面远远走在前面的国家
    • Beth is streets ahead of all the other students in her year.贝丝遥遥领先于她那一年的所有其他学生。
the streets are paved with gold
  1. (saying) used to say that it seems easy to make money in a place(表示在某地挣钱容易)遍地都是黄金
(right) up your street (especially British English)
(North American English usually (right) up your alley)
  1. (informal) very suitable for you because it is something that you know a lot about or are very interested in(正)适合你;(正)和你对口
    • This job seems right up your street.这工作看来对你正合适。


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  1. [only before noun] working, living or taking place on the streets of a city; based on the daily life of ordinary people in cities街头的
    • street vendors selling fruit, snacks and local handicrafts卖水果、小吃和当地手工艺品的街头小贩
    • street musicians街头音乐家
    • street kids流浪儿童
    • angry street protests/demonstrations愤怒的街头抗议/示威
    • street sports such as skateboarding and skating街头运动,如滑板和溜冰
    • street newspapers sold by the homeless无家可归者卖的街头报纸
    • street culture/dance/law街头文化;街舞;法律普及
    • Street sport is informal and based on whatever people want to play.街头运动是非正式的,基于人们想玩的任何东西。
    Extra Examples
    • He pleaded guilty to illegal street trading.他承认自己非法在街头贩卖东西。
    • the street culture of working-class youth工薪阶层青年的街头文化
    • The charity is having a street collection in aid of the local hospital.这家慈善机构正在街头募捐,以帮助当地医院。
    • people engaged in informal street selling街上的无证商贩
    • Tourists need to be wary of street hustlers near the station.游客要警惕车站附近的街头骗子。
    • The show is about two rival street gangs in Manhattan.这个节目是关于曼哈顿两个对立的街头帮派的。
    • Violent street crime has become an epidemic.街头暴力犯罪已经成为一种流行病。
  2. showing or connected with the attitude and way of life of fashionable young people in cities街头的
    • London street style伦敦的街头文化风格
    • You're not very street in those old trainers.你穿那些旧运动鞋不太显眼。
  3. Word OriginOld English strǣt, of West Germanic origin, from late Latin strāta (via) ‘paved (way)’, feminine past participle of sternere ‘lay down’.
IELTS BNC: 380 COCA: 554


ADJECTIVE | VERB + STREET | STREET + VERB | STREET + NOUN | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEbroad, wide寬闊的街道narrow狹窄的街道bustling, busy, congested, crowded熙熙攘攘的/繁忙的/擁堵的/擁擠的街道pedestrian, pedestrianized (BrE) 步行街It really irritates me when people ride bicycles in pedestrian streets.看到有人在步行街騎自行車,我會很惱火。deserted, desolate, empty, lonely, quiet空無一人的/冷清的/空蕩蕩的/寂寥的/寧靜的街道noisy喧鬧的街道dark, darkened黑暗的街道bright, well-lit明亮的街道dim, dimly lit, gloomy昏暗的街道winding彎彎曲曲的街道steep坡度大的街道cobbled, cobblestone, paved鋪有卵石的街道;鋪過路面的街道unpaved路面未鋪砌的街道clean乾淨的街道dirty, dusty, filthy, muddy骯髒的/塵土飛揚的/污穢的/泥濘的街道rainy雨天的街道flooded被水淹沒的街道dangerous, mean, unsafe危險的街道;貧街陋巷;不安全的街道He grew up on the mean streets of one of the city's toughest areas.他在城市中治安最差的一個地區的陋巷中長大。leafy, tree-lined綠葉滿目的/綠樹成蔭的街道one-way, two-way單向通行的/雙向通行的街道dead-end (especially NAmE) 死路main, principal主要街道back (usually backstreet) , side偏僻小巷;小街
a rundown house in the backstreets of Cairo開羅偏僻小巷裏一座破敗的房屋a bar in a side street off the Champs-Élysées離香榭麗舍大街不遠的一條小巷裏的酒吧city, village (especially BrE) 城市/鄉村街道right正確的街道wrong錯誤的街道You've taken the wrong street.你走錯路了。shopping (especially BrE) 商業街the town's main shopping street該鎮主要的商業街high, main (NAmE) (市鎮商業區的)大街;主要街道Sales on the UK high street are in decline.英國商業街的銷售額在下降。high-street retailers商業大街上的零售商He works at a small store on Main Street.他在商業大街上的一家小商店裏工作。downtown, residential, suburban, urban鬧市區/居民區/郊區/城區街道VERB + STREETgo along, go down, go up, take, turn down, turn into, turn up沿着⋯街道走;走⋯街道;轉向⋯街道Take the second street on the right after the bridge.過了橋之後走右邊第二條街。We turned down a dead-end street by mistake.我們誤進了一條死路。cross橫穿街道block, block off, clog, clog up (BrE) 堵塞街道cordon off (especially BrE) 封鎖街道patrol在街道上巡邏The police have been patrolling the streets in this area since the murder.自謀殺案發生以後,警察一直在這個地區的街道上巡邏。stroll, stroll down, stroll through在街上閒逛walk, walk down走在街上cruise, prowl, roam, wander在街上漫步/徘徊/遊蕩/閒逛Gangs roamed the streets at night.夜晚,一幫幫混混兒在街上遊蕩。crowd, fill, flood, line, pack, throng塞滿街道;擠滿街道;排在街道兩旁Spectators lined the streets.觀眾在街道兩旁排列等候。clear清理街道Police were told to clear the streets of drug dealers before the Olympics.警察受命在奧運會前清除街上的毒販。litter亂丟在街上Dead bodies littered the streets.街上死屍遍地。widen拓寬街道STREET + VERBgo, lead, run街道通(向);街道延伸bend, curve, turn街道偏轉;街道拐彎be lined with sth沿街有⋯streets lined with cafes咖啡館林立的街道be packed with sb, teem with sth街道上擠滿了⋯/到處都是⋯The streets were packed with people shopping.街上擠滿了購物的人群。The streets are teeming with traffic.街上車來車往。be named sth, be named after sb/sth街道取名為⋯/以⋯命名Mozart is remembered by a street named after him.為紀念莫扎特,一條街道以他的名字命名。STREET + NOUNcorner街角map, plan街道地圖/平面圖layout, pattern街道佈局the dense street pattern of the old town老鎮密集的街道佈局name, number, sign街道名稱/門牌號碼/標牌Most street names were changed under the new regime.在新政權下多數街名都改了。The houses had no street numbers on.這些房子沒有門牌號。lamp, light, lighting路燈;街道照明crime, gang街頭犯罪/流氓團夥punk, thug (both especially NAmE) 街頭混混兒/惡棍people (especially NAmE) 流落街頭的人attack, battle, brawl, fight, fighting, robbery, violence街頭襲擊;巷戰;街頭鬥毆;街頭搶劫;街頭暴力He suffered extensive injuries in a street attack.他在一起街頭襲擊事件中多處受傷。street fighting between police and stone-throwing youths警察與投擲石塊的青年之間的巷戰demonstration, protest街頭示威/抗議fair, festival, party, procession街頭集市/慶祝活動/聚會/遊行cleaner, sweeper街道清潔工door (especially BrE) 街門There were photographers outside the street door so she used a back entrance.臨街的門外有人拍照,所以她走了後門。market街頭市場entertainer, entertainment, musician, performer, theatre/theater街頭藝人/表演/音樂家/演員/戲劇dealer, pedlar/peddler, seller, trader, vendor (especially NAmE) 攤販;街頭小販hustler (especially NAmE) 街頭騙子Tourists need to be wary of street hustlers near the station.遊客要警惕車站附近的街頭騙子。selling, trading (BrE) 街頭販賣/交易people engaged in informal street selling街上的無證商販He pleaded guilty to illegal street trading.他承認自己非法在街頭販賣東西。cred, credibility (both informal) (城市前衞青年認同的)街頭聲望His spell in prison gained him a lot of street cred.他的鐵窗生涯使他贏得了極高的街頭聲望。smarts (NAmE, informal) , wisdom城市生活的頭腦/智慧
clothes, culture, fashion, slang街頭衣着/文化/時尚/俚語the street culture of working-class youth工薪階層青年的街頭文化life街頭生活scene街景a painting of a typical Parisian street scene描繪典型的巴黎街景的油畫collection (BrE) 街頭募捐The charity is having a street collection in aid of the local hospital.這家慈善機構正在街頭募捐,以幫助當地醫院。child, kid (informal) , urchin街頭流浪兒a charity set up to house street children為收留街頭流浪兒而建立的慈善機構boy, girl街頭男孩;妓女hustler (informal, especially NAmE) , prostitute街頭男妓/妓女price, value街頭黑市價drugs with a street value of £5 million街頭黑市價值達 500 萬英鎊的毒品PREPOSITIONacross a/the street馬路對面He could see her across the street.他能看見馬路對面的她。along a/the street沿着街道They walked along the street.他們沿着街道步行。down a/the street, up a/the street在街道那頭/這頭A band was playing a little way down the street.一個樂隊正在街上不遠處演奏。She lives just up the street here.她就住在街這邊。in a/the street在街上She parks her car in the street.她把車停在了街上。A couple were arguing out in the street.一對夫婦在街上爭吵。We live in Barker Street. (BrE) 我們住在巴克大街。into a/the street進入街道She stepped out into the street.她邁步走到街上。He turned into a side street. (BrE) 他拐進了一條小巷。off a/the street街邊上a club just off William Street就在威廉大街邊上的俱樂部a plan to keep teenagers off the streets不讓青少年流落街頭的計劃on a/the street在街頭people dealing drugs on the street街頭毒品販子I was living on 10th Street off Hudson. (NAmE) 我住在哈得孫河附近的第十大街上。on the streets, out on the streets在街頭Thousands of people were out on the streets for the protest.數千人走上街頭表示抗議。onto a/the street到街頭She was thrown onto the street.她被趕到大街上。He turned onto a side street. (NAmE) 他拐到一條小巷裏。through the streets穿過街道He wandered through the streets of Calcutta.他漫步在加爾各答的大街上。PHRASESabove street level, at street level, below street level(樓層)與街面齊平;在街面以上;在街面以下the end of the street, the top of the street街道盡頭the other side of the street街道的另一邊the street on the left, the street on the right左邊的/右邊的街道hit the streets (= start to be available or seen in public) 開始出售;被公開Her shocking autobiography is about to hit the streets.她那本驚人的自傳即將公開出版。take to the streets走上街頭Argentinians took to the streets in protest.阿根廷人走上街頭表示抗議。
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street noun
IELTS BNC: 380 COCA: 554
Streets where people live: Ave, Avenue, backstreet...
Areas in towns or cities: agora, area, armpit...
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