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BNC: 4395 COCA: 4422


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  1. the legal right or duty to take care of or keep somebody/something; the act of taking care of something/somebody监护权;保管权;监护;保管
    • Who will have custody of the children?谁来负责监护这些孩子?
    • The parents were given joint custody of the two children.父母双方得到了对两个孩子的共同监护权。
    • The divorce court awarded custody to the child's mother.离婚法庭把监护权判给了孩子的母亲。
    • The parents were locked in a bitter battle for custody.双亲陷入了一场对孩子监护权的激烈争夺之中。
    • The bank provides safe custody for valuables.这家银行提供对贵重物品的安全保管服务。
    • in the custody of somebody/something The castle is now in the custody of the state.现在那座城堡由国家照管。
    Collocations Marriage and divorceMarriage and divorce结婚和离婚Romance恋爱
    • fall/​be (madly/​deeply/​hopelessly) in love (with somebody)(疯狂地/深深地/无可救药地)爱上/爱着(某人)
    • be/​believe in/​fall in love at first sight是/相信一见钟情;一见钟情
    • be/​find true love/​the love of your life是/找到真爱/一生的爱
    • suffer (from) (the pains/​pangs of) unrequited love受单相思之苦
    • have/​feel/​show/​express great/​deep/​genuine affection for somebody/​something对某人/某事有着/表示出强烈的/深深的/真挚的爱慕之情
    • meet/​marry your husband/​wife/​partner/​fiancé/fiancée/​boyfriend/​girlfriend与丈夫/妻子/伴侣/未婚夫/未婚妻/男朋友/女朋友结识/结婚
    • have/​go on a (blind) date有个/去约会/相亲
    • be going out with/(especially North American English) dating a guy/​girl/​boy/​man/​woman与一个小伙子/女生/男生/男人/女人在谈恋爱
    • move in with/​live with your boyfriend/​girlfriend/​partner与男朋友/女朋友/伴侣同居
    • get/​be engaged/​married/​divorced订婚;结婚;离婚
    • arrange/​plan a wedding安排婚礼
    • have a big wedding/​a honeymoon/​a happy marriage举行隆重的婚礼;度蜜月;婚姻幸福
    • have/​enter into an arranged marriage有一个/走入包办婚姻
    • call off/​cancel/​postpone your wedding取消/推迟婚礼
    • invite somebody to/​go to/​attend a wedding/​a wedding ceremony/​a wedding reception邀请某人出席/参加婚礼/结婚典礼/结婚喜宴
    • conduct/​perform a wedding ceremony举行结婚典礼
    • exchange rings/​wedding vows/​marriage vows交换戒指;互致结婚誓言
    • congratulate/​toast/​raise a glass to the happy couple祝贺这对幸福的新人;为这对幸福的伉俪干杯
    • be/​go on honeymoon (with your wife/​husband)(与妻子/丈夫)在/去度蜜月
    • celebrate your first (wedding) anniversary庆祝第一个(结婚)纪念日
    Separation and divorce分居和离婚
    • be unfaithful to/(informal) cheat on your husband/​wife/​partner/​fiancé/fiancée/​boyfriend/​girlfriend对丈夫/妻子/伴侣/未婚夫/未婚妻/男朋友/女朋友不忠
    • have an affair (with somebody)(和某人)有暧昧关系
    • break off/​end an engagement/​a relationship解除/终止婚约/恋爱关系
    • break up with/​split up with/ (informal) dump your boyfriend/​girlfriend与男友/女友分手;甩掉男友/女友
    • separate from/​be separated from/​leave/​divorce your husband/​wife和丈夫/妻子分居;离弃丈夫/妻子;与丈夫/妻子离婚
    • annul/​dissolve a marriage宣布婚姻无效;解除婚姻关系
    • apply for/​ask for/​go through/​get a divorce申请/要求/办理离婚;离婚
    • get/​gain/​be awarded/​have/​lose custody of the children获得/被判予/拥有/失去对孩子的监护权
    • pay alimony/​child support (to your ex-wife/​husband)(向前妻/前夫)支付生活费/子女抚养费
    Extra Examples
    • If valuables are placed in the safe, the hotel is responsible for their safe custody.如果贵重物品放在保险柜里,旅馆就要对其安全保管负责。
    • The children were under protective custody.孩子们处于保护性拘留中。
    • a bitter child custody dispute有关孩子监护权的激烈争执
    Topics Family and relationshipsc1, Law and justicec1
    Oxford Collocations Dictionaryadjective
    • child
    • joint
    • sole
    verb + custody
    • ask for
    • claim
    • demand
    custody + noun
    • battle
    • dispute
    • arrangement
    • custody  of
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  2. the state of being in prison, especially while waiting for trial(尤指在候审时的)拘留,拘押,羁押
    • After the riot, 32 people were taken into police custody.那场暴乱后,有 32 人被警方拘留。
    • (British English) He was remanded in custody, charged with the murder of a policeman.他被控谋杀一名警察,正在羁押候审。
    see also protective custody, youth custody
    Extra Examples
    • She will remain in custody while reports are prepared about her mental condition.在准备有关她精神状况的报告期间,她继续接受拘押。
    • The opposition leader has been taken into protective custody.那名反对派领导人受到了保护性拘留。
    • They did not have enough evidence to place her under custody.他们没有足够的证据来羁押她。
    • They try to keep young people out of custody.他们尽量使年轻人免受拘禁。
    • The man died while in police custody.那个人在受警方拘禁期间死亡。
    Topics Crime and punishmentc1
    Oxford Collocations Dictionaryadjective
    • military
    • police
    • protective
    verb + custody
    • be remanded in
    • be taken into
    • be held in
    • in custody
    • under custody
    • out of custody
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  3. Word Originlate Middle English: from Latin custodia, from custos ‘guardian’.
BNC: 4395 COCA: 4422


1legal right/duty to take care of sb/sth監護;保管ADJECTIVE | VERB + CUSTODY | CUSTODY + NOUN | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEchild對兒童的監護權a bitter child custody dispute有關孩子監護權的激烈爭執joint, sole共同/單獨監護full完全監護(權)legal法定監護(權)physical (NAmE) 生活監護(權)safe安全保管If valuables are placed in the safe, the hotel is responsible for their safe custody.如果貴重物品放在保險櫃裏,旅館就要對其安全保管負責。VERB + CUSTODYask for, claim, demand, fight for, seek, want請求監護;要求監護;努力爭取監護;尋求監護;需要監護award sb, give sb, grant sb把監護權判給某人;給予某人監護權The parents were given joint custody of the two children.父母雙方得到了對兩個孩子的共同監護權。gain, get, win獲得/得到/贏得監護權take (NAmE) 履行監護權regain重新獲得監護權have有監護權share共有監護權lose喪失監護權CUSTODY + NOUNbattle, dispute監護權爭奪戰/糾紛arrangement監護權協議case, hearing監護權訴訟案/聽證會PREPOSITIONcustody of對⋯的監護


2being guarded/kept in prison拘押;監禁ADJECTIVE | VERB + CUSTODY | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEmilitary, police軍事拘押;警方拘禁The man died while in police custody.那個人在受警方拘禁期間死亡。protective保護性拘留The opposition leader has been taken into protective custody.那名反對派領導人受到了保護性拘留。federal, state (both in the US) 聯邦政府/州政府羈押VERB + CUSTODYbe remanded in, be taken into被還押候審;被拘禁A man has been remanded in custody charged with the murder of an eight-year-old girl.一名男子被指控謀殺一名 8 歲女孩,現已還押候審。be held in, be kept in被拘留;仍在拘留中escape from羈押期間逃走be released from羈押後獲釋PREPOSITIONin custody在拘留中She will remain in custody while reports are prepared about her mental condition.在準備有關她精神狀況的報告期間,她繼續接受拘押。under custody (NAmE) 處於羈押中They did not have enough evidence to place her under custody.他們沒有足夠的證據來羈押她。The children were under protective custody.孩子們處於保護性拘留中。out of custody不被拘禁They try to keep young people out of custody.他們盡量使年輕人免受拘禁。
BNC: 4395 COCA: 4422
BNC: 4395 COCA: 4422
Spending time in prison: behind bars, captive, captivity...
The practice or process of protecting: protection, sanctuary, safekeeping...

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