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Verb Forms
present simple I / you / we / they surrender
he / she / it surrenders
past simple surrendered
past participle surrendered
-ing form surrendering
Phrasal Verbs
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  1. [intransitive, transitive] to admit that you have been defeated and want to stop fighting; to allow yourself to be caught, taken prisoner, etc.投降 synonym give in (to somebody/something)
    • The rebel soldiers were forced to surrender.叛军被迫投降。
    • surrender to somebody He surrendered voluntarily to his enemies.他自愿向敌人投降。
    • surrender yourself (to somebody) The hijackers eventually surrendered themselves to the police.劫机者最终向警方投降。
    Extra Examples
    • After three weeks under siege they surrendered completely.被围困 3 周以后,他们彻底投降了。
    • The British formally surrendered on 31 May.英国人于5 月 31 日正式投降。
    Topics War and conflictc1, Crime and punishmentc1
    Oxford Collocations Dictionaryadverb
    • unconditionally
    • completely
    • immediately
    verb + surrender
    • order somebody to
    • agree to
    • refuse to
    • to
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  2. (formal) to give up something/somebody when you are forced to(被迫)放弃,交出 synonym relinquish
    • surrender something/somebody to somebody He agreed to surrender all claims to the property.他同意放弃对那笔财产的一切权利要求。
    • They surrendered their guns to the police.他们向警察交出了枪。
    • surrender something/somebody The defendant was released to await trial but had to surrender her passport.被告被释放候审,但须交出护照。
    • The dictator surrendered power to Parliament.独裁者把权力交给了议会。
    Oxford Collocations Dictionaryadverb
    • unconditionally
    • completely
    • immediately
    verb + surrender
    • order somebody to
    • agree to
    • refuse to
    • to
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  3. Word Originlate Middle English (chiefly in legal use): from Anglo-Norman French (from sur- and render).


[uncountable, singular]
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  1. surrender (to somebody/something) an act of admitting that you have been defeated and want to stop fighting投降
    • They demanded (an) unconditional surrender.他们要求无条件投降。
    • He raised his hands in surrender.他举手投降。
    Collocations War and peaceWar and peace战争与和平Starting a war开战
    • declare/​make/​wage war (on somebody/​something)(向…)宣战/挑起战争/发动战争
    • go to war (against/​with somebody)(向…)开战
    • cause/​spark/​provoke/​foment/​quell unrest引起/平息骚乱
    • incite/​lead/​crush/​suppress a revolt/​rebellion煽动/领导/镇压起义/叛乱
    • launch/​mount/​carry out a surprise/​terrorist attack发起/实施突然/恐怖袭击
    • prevent/​halt/​represent an escalation of the conflict防止/阻止/表明冲突升级
    • be torn apart by/​be on the brink of civil war被内战搞得四分五裂;濒于内战
    • enter/​invade/​occupy somebody’s territory进入/侵略/占领某人的领土
    • lead/​launch/​resist/​repel an invasion领导/发起/抵制/击退武装入侵
    Military operations军事行动
    • adopt/​develop/​implement/​pursue a military strategy采用/发展/实施/执行军事战略
    • carry out/​execute/​perform military operations/​manoeuvres
    • send/​deploy/​station/​pull back/​withdraw troops派遣/部署/派驻/撤回部队
    • go on/​fly/​carry out a reconnaissance/​rescue mission进行/驾机执行/执行侦察/营救任务
    • train/​equip/​deploy army/​military/​combat units训练/装备/部署陆军/军事/作战分队
    • lead/​launch/​conduct a raid/​a surprise attack/​an (air/​airborne/​amphibious) assault (on somebody)领导/发起/实施(对某人的)突然袭击/(空中/空投部队/登陆)攻击
    • employ/​use guerrilla tactics采用游击战术
    • conduct/​wage biological/​guerrilla warfare进行/发动生物战/游击战
    • fight/​crush/​defeat the rebels/​the insurgency设法战胜/镇压/挫败叛乱者/叛乱
    • suffer/​inflict a crushing defeat遭受惨败;大获全胜
    • achieve/​win a decisive victory赢得决定性的胜利
    • halt/​stop the British/​German/​Russian advance阻止英国/德国/俄罗斯的前进
    • order/​force a retreat命令/强迫撤退
    • join/​serve in the army/​navy/​air force加入陆军/海军/空军;在陆军/海军/空军部队服役
    • be/​go/​remain/​serve on active duty在服现役
    • serve/​complete/​return from a tour of duty在服役;服役完毕;服役归来
    • be sent to the front (line)被派往前线
    • attack/​strike/​engage/​defeat/​kill/​destroy the enemy袭击/攻击敌人;与敌人交战;击败/杀死/消灭敌人
    • see/​report/​be engaged in heavy fighting目睹/报道/参与激战
    • call for/​be met with armed resistance要求/遭遇武装抵抗
    • come under heavy/​machine-gun/​mortar fire冒着激烈的/机关枪的/迫击炮的射击
    • fire a machine-gun/​mortar shells/​rockets (at somebody/​something)(对…)发射机关枪/迫击炮弹/火箭弹
    • shoot a rifle/​a pistol/​bullets/​missiles步枪/手枪射击;发射子弹/导弹
    • launch/​fire a cruise/​ballistic/​anti-tank missile发射巡航/弹道/反坦克导弹
    • use biological/​chemical/​nuclear weapons使用生物/化学/核武器
    • inflict/​suffer/​sustain heavy losses/​casualties遭受惨重损失/伤亡
    • be hit/​killed by enemy/​friendly/​artillery fire被敌军/友军/炮火击中/射死
    • become/​be held as a prisoner of war成为战俘;作为战俘被监禁
    Civilians in war战争中的平民
    • harm/​kill/​target/​protect innocent/​unarmed civilians伤害/杀死/瞄准/保护无辜的/手无寸铁的平民
    • cause/​avoid/​limit/​minimize civilian casualties/​collateral damage导致/避免/限制/最大限度减少平民伤亡/附带性破坏
    • impose/​enforce/​lift a curfew强制实行/解除宵禁
    • engage in/​be a victim of ethnic cleansing参与种族清洗;成为种族清洗的受害者
    • be sent to an internment/​a concentration camp被送到俘虏拘留营/集中营
    • accept/​house/​resettle refugees fleeing from war接受/收容/安置战争难民
    • fear/​threaten military/​violent reprisals害怕/扬言要军事/暴力报复
    • commit/​be accused of war crimes/​crimes against humanity/​genocide犯/被指控犯战争罪/反人类罪/种族灭绝罪
    Making peace和解
    • make/​bring/​win/​achieve/​maintain/​promote peace促使/带来/赢得/实现/保持/促进和平
    • call for/​negotiate/​broker/​declare a ceasefire/​a temporary truce要求/商谈/协商/宣布停战/暂时休战
    • sign a ceasefire agreement签署停战协议
    • call for/​bring/​put an end to hostilities要求发动/引发/结束战争
    • demand/​negotiate/​accept the surrender of somebody/​something强烈要求/商讨/接受…投降
    • establish/​send (in) a peacekeeping force建立/派遣维和部队
    • negotiate/​conclude/​ratify/​sign/​accept/​reject/​break/​violate a peace treaty商讨/达成/正式批准/签署/接受/拒绝/破坏/违反和平协定
    Extra Examples
    • The division accepted the surrender of a group of some 500 rebels.这个师接受了约 500 名叛军的投降。
    • The rebels hoisted the white flag of surrender.叛军升起了白旗投降。
    • The rebels were offered easy terms of surrender.叛军得到了优厚的投降条件。
    • The villagers were starved into surrender.村民们饥饿难忍,只好投降。
    Topics War and conflictc1
    Oxford Collocations Dictionaryadjective
    • complete
    • total
    • unconditional
    verb + surrender
    • demand
    • force into
    • starve into
    • surrender to
    • a flag of surrender
    • in surrender
    • terms of surrender
    See full entry
  2. surrender (to something) the fact of allowing yourself to be controlled by something屈服;屈从
    • They accused the government of a surrender to business interests.他们指责政府唯商界利益是从。
  3. surrender of something (to somebody) an act of giving something to somebody else even though you do not want to, especially after a battle, etc.(尤指在战争等过后)放弃,交出
    • They insisted on the immediate surrender of all weapons.他们坚持要求立即交出全部武器。
  4. Word Originlate Middle English (chiefly in legal use): from Anglo-Norman French (from sur- and render).


ADJECTIVE | VERB + SURRENDER | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEcomplete, total完全/徹底投降unconditional無條件投降immediate立即投降VERB + SURRENDERdemand要求投降The allied commander demanded their immediate and unconditional surrender.盟軍指揮官要求他們立刻無條件投降。force into, starve into迫使/餓得被迫投降The villagers were starved into surrender.村民們飢餓難忍,只好投降。accept接受投降The division accepted the surrender of a group of some 500 rebels.這個師接受了約 500 名叛軍的投降。negotiate商議投降PREPOSITIONsurrender to向⋯的屈服the government's surrender to the nationalists' demands政府向民族主義分子要求的屈從PHRASESa flag of surrender投降旗The rebels hoisted the white flag of surrender.叛軍升起了白旗投降。in surrender投降He raised his hands in mock surrender.他舉起雙手假裝投降。terms of surrender投降條件The rebels were offered easy terms of surrender.叛軍得到了優厚的投降條件。


ADVERB | VERB + SURRENDER | PREPOSITION ADVERBunconditionally無條件投降completely徹底投降After three weeks under siege they surrendered completely.被圍困 3 週以後,他們徹底投降了。immediately立即投降eventually, finally最終/終於投降formally正式投降The British formally surrendered on May 31.英國人於 5 月 31 日正式投降。voluntarily自願投降VERB + SURRENDERorder sb to命令某人交出They were ordered to surrender their weapons to the police.他們被勒令將武器交給警方。agree to同意放棄They agreed to surrender their claim to the territory.他們同意放棄對那片領土的主權要求。refuse to拒絕投降be forced to被迫投降PREPOSITIONto向⋯投降;向⋯交出He surrendered voluntarily to his enemies.他自願向敵人投降。The dictator surrendered power to Parliament.獨裁者把權力交給了議會。
surrender verb
give sth up
To stop owning something: give up, sacrifice, surrender...
General words meaning to give: give, present, hand...
To show or express emotions: show, display, manifest...
General words for defeat and surrender: defeat, surrender, pullout...
Lack of freedom and independence: subjection, surrender, reliance...

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