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[only before noun]
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  1. including all the things or people that are involved in a particular situation; general全面的;综合的;总体的
    • There will be winners in each of three age groups, and one overall winner.三个年龄组将各产生一位优胜者,另有一位总优胜者。
    • the overall effect/picture/impression整体效果/画面/印象
    • When she finished painting, she stepped back to admire the overall effect.画完以后,她退后一步,以审视总体效果。
    • The coach is happy with the overall performance of the team this season. 教练对这个赛季球队的整体表现很满意。
    • The overall quality of the articles is good. 文章整体质量不错。
    • The overall cost of my trip is £171.40. 我旅行的总费用是171.40英镑。
    • a steady fall in overall crime rates 整体犯罪率的稳步下降
    • an overall result/impact/aim/strategy总体结果/影响/目标/战略
    • the person with overall responsibility for the project全面负责本项目的人
    • an overall improvement in standards of living (= affecting everyone)生活水平的全面提高
    • The overall result is impressive.整体效果令人印象深刻。
    Oxford Collocations DictionaryOverall is used with these nouns:
    • aim
    • appearance
    • assessment
    See full entry


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  1. including everything or everyone; in total全部;总计
    • The company will invest $1.6m overall in new equipment.这个公司将总计投资 160 万美元购置新设备。
    • Last season he came second overall in the South African championships. 上个赛季,他在南非锦标赛中获得了第二名。
    • She kept the lead and won overall.她保持领先,总体上赢了。
  2. generally; when you consider everything一般来说;大致上;总体上
    • Overall, this is a very useful book.总的来说,这是一本很有用的书。
    • I think overall we're doing a good job.我认为总的来说我们做得很好。
    • Students were satisfied overall with what they had achieved.学生们总体上对他们所取得的成绩感到满意。
    Language Bank conclusionconclusionSumming up an argument总结论点
      • In conclusion, the study has provided useful insights into the issues relating to people’s perception of crime.综上所述,本研究为人们对犯罪活动的认识问题提供了有益的见解。
      • On the basis of this study, it can be concluded that the introduction of new street lighting did not reduce reported crime.根据这项研究,可以得出结论,新的街道照明的引入并没有减少报告的犯罪。
      • To sum up, no evidence can be found to support the view that improved street lighting reduces reported crime.总而言之,没有证据表明街道照明的改进能使犯罪案件报案数量减少。
      • The available evidence clearly leads to the conclusion that the media do have an influence on the public perception of crime.现有证据显然可以得出这一结论:公众对犯罪活动的认识确实受到媒体的影响。
      • The main conclusion to be drawn from this study is that public perception of crime is significantly influenced by crime news reporting.本研究可以得出的一个主要结论是:公众对犯罪活动的认识受到犯罪新闻报道的很大影响。
      • This study has shown that people’s fear of crime is out of all proportion to crime itself.本研究表明,人们对犯罪活动的恐惧与犯罪活动本身并不相称。
      • Fear of crime is out of all proportion to the actual level of crime, and the reasons for this can be summarized as follows. First…对犯罪活动的恐惧与实际犯罪水平并不相称,其原因可归结为以下几点。第一,…
      • Overall/In general, women are more likely than men to feel insecure walking alone after dark.一般情况下,天黑后独自行走,女人比男人更容易感到不安全。


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  1. (British English) [countable] a loose coat worn over other clothes to protect them from dirt, etc.外套;罩衣
    • The lab assistant was wearing a white overall.实验室助手穿着一件白罩衣。
    Topics Clothes and Fashionc1
  2. overalls
    (British English)
    (North American English coveralls)
    [plural] a loose piece of clothing like a shirt and trousers in one piece, made of heavy cloth and usually worn over other clothing by workers doing dirty work工装服;连身工作服
    • The mechanic was wearing a pair of blue overalls.机修工穿着一件蓝色工装连衣裤。
    compare boiler suitTopics Clothes and Fashionc1
  3. overalls
    (also bib overalls)
    (both North American English)
    (British English dungarees)
    [plural] a piece of clothing that consists of trousers with an extra piece of cloth covering the chest, held up by narrow pieces of cloth over the shoulders工装裤


 See also the entry for general 2 另见general条第2义overall ♦︎ gross ♦︎ umbrella ♦︎ global ♦︎ across the board ♦︎ blanket ♦︎ all-round ♦︎ inclusiveThese words all describe sth which includes or covers all things or all of sth. 这些词均表示全面的、总括的、综合的。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配an overall / umbrella heading / titlean umbrella / a blanket / an inclusive terma global / blanket banoverall / gross incomethe overall / gross / inclusive costoverall / gross profit / turnover overall ˌəʊvərˈɔːl; NAmE ˌoʊvərˈɔːl [only before noun] including all the people or things that are involved in a particular situation 全面的;综合的;总体的There will be winners in each of the three age groups, and one overall winner.三个年龄组将各产生一名优胜者,另有一名总优胜者。The person with overall responsibility for the project will be Paul.全面负责本项目的人将是保罗。The past century has seen an overall improvement in standards of living.生活水平在上世纪得到了普遍的改善。 overall


The company will invest $1.6m overall in new equipment.这家公司将总计投资160万元购置新设备。Overall, this is a very useful book.总的来说,这是一本很有用的书。
gross grəʊs; NAmE groʊs [only before noun] (finance 金融) being the total amount of sth before anything else is taken away 总的;毛的The family have three children and a gross income of £50 000 (= before taxes, etc. are taken away).这家有三个孩子,税前总收入为5万英镑。OPP net A net amount of money is the amount that remains when nothing more is to be taken away. * net指净得的、纯的a net profit of £500500英镑的纯利润net income / earnings (= after tax has been paid) 纯收入 umbrella [only before noun] containing many different parts or elements 包含许多不同部分(或要素)的;总括的;综合的'Contact sports' is an umbrella term for a variety of different sports.“接触式运动”是多种不同体育运动的总称。Two separate political parties emerged from the umbrella organization.两个独立的政党从那个综合机构中脱离出来。 umbrella


[countable] Many previously separate groups are now operating under the umbrella of the same authority.许多原本分散的团体现正在同一主管部门领导下运作。
global [usually before noun] considering or including all the parts of sth 整体的;全面的;总括的We need to take a more global approach to the problem.我们需要更全面地看这个问题。We ran a global search on the database.我们在数据库中进行了全程检索。 see also global international globally


We need to start thinking globally.我们需要进行全盘的考虑。
aˌcross the ˈboard


involving everyone or everything in an industry, a company or other organization 全行业;全公司;全机构The industry needs more investment across the board.这一行业需要全面增加投资。The director is to announce an across-the-board wage increase.总经理将宣布给全体员工加薪。When this idiom is used before a noun, it needs hyphens, but when it comes after a noun, it does not. It can also be used as an adverbial phrase. 此习语用在名词前要加连字符,用在名词后则不用加连字符,亦可用作副词性短语The new plans will be implemented across the board.这些新计划将得到全面落实。
blanket [only before noun] including or affecting all possible cases, situations or people 包括所有情形(或人员)的;总括的;综合的A blanket ban on tobacco advertising was introduced several years ago.几年前开始全面取缔烟草广告。 ˌall-ˈround (BrE) (NAmE ˌall-aˈround) [only before noun] including many different aspects, subjects or skills; (of a person) with a wide range of skills or abilities 全面的;多方面的;(人)全能的,多才多艺的We are looking at the all-round development of the children and not merely their academic progress.我们会考查孩子们的整体发展情况,而不只是他们在学业上的进展。She's a good all-around tennis player.她是个优秀的全能网球选手。 inclusive ɪnˈkluːsɪv (rather formal) having the total cost, or the cost of sth that is mentioned, contained in the price 包含全部费用;包括所提到的费用在内The fully inclusive fare for the trip is £320.这次旅行的全部费用是320英镑。These services offer inclusive insurance cover of up to $5 000.所提供的这些服务包括金额达5 000元的保险。Compare how inclusive and included are used after a noun. 比较inclusive和included在名词后的用法Water and heating are included in the rent.水费和暖气费包含在租金内。 (formal) The rent is inclusive of water and heating.租金包含水费和暖气费。 see also include include 1

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