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Verb Forms
present simple I / you / we / they maintain
he / she / it maintains
past simple maintained
past participle maintained
-ing form maintaining
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  1. maintain something to make something continue at the same level, standard, etc.维持;保持 synonym preserve
    • to maintain law and order/standards/a balance/control 维持法律和秩序/标准/平衡/控制
    • ANU has maintained its position as Australia's top university.ANU一直保持着澳大利亚顶尖大学的地位。
    • The two countries have always maintained close relations.这两个国家一直保持着密切关系。
    • (formal) She maintained a dignified silence.她一言不发,面容威严。
    • to maintain prices (= prevent them from falling or rising)维持价格的稳定
    Extra Examples
    • Building and maintaining good relationships is an important part of what we do.建立和保持良好的关系是我们工作的重要组成部分。
    • He emphasized the need to maintain the status quo.他强调了保持现状的必要性。
    • He successfully maintained the financial health of the company.他成功地维持了公司财务的健康运行。
    • The government's position became increasingly difficult to maintain.政府的立场越来越难以维持。
    • They are looking to cut costs while simultaneously maintaining the existing levels of service.他们考虑要在保持现有服务水平的同时降低成本。
    • This pace cannot be maintained indefinitely.这样的速度不可能无限期地保持下去。
    • Security personnel struggled to maintain order.安保人员努力维持秩序。
    • Email is used to maintain contact with members.电子邮件用于与成员保持联系。
    Oxford Collocations Dictionaryverb + maintain
    • be anxious to
    • want to
    • have to
    • indefinitely
    • simultaneously
    • successfully
    • the duty to maintain something
    • the need to maintain something
    See full entry
  2. maintain something to keep a building, a machine, etc. in good condition by checking or repairing it regularly维修;保养
    • The house is large and difficult to maintain.房子很大,难以养护。
    Extra Examples
    • a poorly maintained central heating system养护不力的中央供暖系统
    • I do a lot of mechanical work and I maintain my own car.我做大量的机械工作,并维护自己的汽车。
    • The grounds are beautifully maintained.庭院养护得很好。
    • The wheel spats collect debris and make it difficult to maintain the brakes.车轮飞溅会收集碎片,使制动器难以维护。
    Topics Buildingsb2
    Oxford Collocations Dictionaryadverb
    • carefully
    • properly
    • well
    verb + maintain
    • be difficult to
    • be easy to
    • be responsible for maintaining something
    See full entry
  3. maintain somebody/something to support somebody/something over a long period of time by giving money, paying for food, etc.供养;扶养 synonym keep
    • Her income was barely enough to maintain one child, let alone three.她的收入养活一个孩子几乎都不够,更不用说三个了。
    Extra Examples
    • His priority is to maintain and protect his family.他的首要任务是维护和保护家人。
    • Under the terms of the agreement she had forfeited her right to be maintained by her husband.根据协议条款,她丧失了由丈夫抚养的权利。
    • Maintaining a modern, well-equipped armed force is a challenge.保持一支现代化、装备精良的武装力量是一项挑战。
  4. to keep stating that something is true, even though other people do not agree or do not believe it坚持(意见);固执己见 synonym insist
    • maintain (that)… The men maintained (that) they were out of the country when the crime was committed.这几个男人坚持说案发时他们在国外。
    • It is difficult to maintain that such a harsh punishment was justified.很难坚持这样严厉的惩罚是正当的。
    • maintain something She has always maintained her innocence.她一直坚持说她是无辜的。
    • + speech ‘But I'm innocent!’ she maintained.“但是我是无辜的!” 她坚持道。
    Language Bank argueargueVerbs for reporting an opinion陈述观点的动词
      • Some critics argue that Picasso remained a great master all his life.一些评论家认为毕加索毕生都是一位大师。
      • Others maintain that there is a significant deterioration in quality in his post-war work.其他人坚称他战后的作品质量明显下降。
      • Picasso himself claimed that good art is created, but great art is stolen.毕加索自己声称,好的艺术是创造出来的,伟大的艺术却是偷来的。
      • As Smith has noted, Picasso borrowed imagery from African art.正如史密斯所述,毕加索借用了非洲艺术的意象。
      • As the author points out, Picasso borrowed imagery from African art.正如作者指出的那样,毕加索借用了非洲艺术的意象。
      • The writer challenges the notion that Picasso’s sculpture was secondary to his painting.作者对这种观点表示质疑,即毕加索的雕塑不及他的绘画。
      • It has been suggested that Picasso’s painting was influenced by jazz music.据说毕加索的绘画受到爵士乐的影响。
    Topics Opinion and argumentb2
  5. Word OriginMiddle English (also in the sense ‘practise an action habitually’): from Old French maintenir, from Latin manu tenere ‘hold in the hand’.


1keep sth at the same level使保持在同一水平VERB + MAINTAIN | ADVERB | PHRASES VERB + MAINTAINbe anxious to, want to渴望保持;想維持We are anxious to maintain our close links with the police.我們渴望與警方保持密切聯繫。have to, need to不得不保持;需要維持strive to, try to努力保持;試圖維持help (to)有助於保持be able to能夠保持be difficult to難以維持The government's position became increasingly difficult to maintain.政府的立場越來越難以維持。ADVERBindefinitely無限期地維持This pace cannot be maintained indefinitely.這樣的速度不可能無限期地保持下去。simultaneously同時保持They are looking to cut costs while simultaneously maintaining the existing levels of service.他們考慮要在保持現有服務水平的同時降低成本。successfully成功保持He successfully maintained the financial health of the company.他成功地維持了公司財務的健康運行。easily輕鬆保持The company has easily maintained its position as the leading brand in the money-transfer business.公司輕鬆保持了在轉賬業務領域的領軍地位。generally, largely, normally, typically, usually通常保持;基本維持;一般維持Commercial aircraft generally maintain cabin altitudes between 6 000 and 8 000 feet.商務飛機座艙高度通常保持在 6,000 到 8,000 英尺之間。actively積極保持PHRASESthe duty to maintain sth, the need to maintain sth維持⋯的職責/⋯的必要性He emphasized the need to maintain the status quo.他強調了保持現狀的必要性。


2keep sth in good condition使保持良好狀態ADVERB | VERB + MAINTAIN | PHRASES ADVERBcarefully, properly, well細心保養;保養得當;養護得好poorly養護得差a poorly maintained central heating system養護不力的中央供暖系統VERB + MAINTAINbe difficult to難以保養be easy to容易保養PHRASESbe responsible for maintaining sth負責保養⋯
maintain verb
maintain1 (maintain order) maintain2 (a beautifully maintained house) provide for sb (maintain a family)


maintain law and order 维持治安a beautifully maintained house 养护得很好的房子maintain ♦︎ preserve ♦︎ sustain ♦︎ extend ♦︎ prolong ♦︎ keep sth up ♦︎ keep sth going ♦︎ perpetuate ♦︎ prop sth upThese words all mean to make sth continue at the same level or standard. 这些词均表示维持、保持。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to maintain / preserve / sustain / keep up standards / a relationshipto maintain / sustain / keep up levels / rates / morale / interest / growth / the momentumto keep the momentum goingto maintain / preserve / sustain / perpetuate a system / mythto maintain / preserve / sustain a / an balance / illusionto maintain / preserve / keep up a traditionto keep a tradition goingto maintain / sustain / keep up a pretenceto maintain / preserve anonymity / confidentiality / order / the status quo / your heritageto maintain / preserve / sustain / extend / prolong (sb's) lifeto extend / prolong a visit / stayto still maintain sth / preserve sth / sustain sth / keep sth up / keep sth going / perpetuate sth / prop sth upto maintain / preserve / sustain / prolong sth / keep sth going indefinitelyto maintain / extend / prolong sth deliberately maintain meɪnˈteɪn [transitive] (rather formal) to make sth continue at the same level or standard 维持;保持Our principal task is to maintain law and order.我们的主要任务是维持治安。The two countries have always maintained close relations.这两个国家一直保持着密切关系。 (formal) She maintained a dignified silence.她保持沉默,以示尊严。 preserve [transitive] (rather formal) to keep a particular quality or feature; to make sure that a quality or feature is kept 保护;维护;保留He was anxious to preserve his reputation.他急于维护自己的名声。Efforts to preserve the peace have failed.维护和平的努力失败了。She managed to preserve her sense of humour under very trying circumstances.她在艰难的环境下依然不失幽默感。 sustain səˈsteɪn [transitive] (rather formal) to make sth continue for some time at the same level 使保持;使稳定持续We are experiencing a period of sustained economic growth.我们正经历一段经济持续增长的时期。She had been the victim of a sustained attack.她曾遭受长时间的暴力袭击。She managed to sustain everyone's interest until the end of her speech.她使每个人兴趣盎然,一直听她把话讲完。 sustainable


sustainable economic growth经济的可持续增长OPP unsustainable
NOTE 辨析 Maintain or sustain?In some cases you can use either word. 在有些情况下这两个词可以通用to maintain / sustain a balance / a pretence / people's interest / life保持平衡;维持假象;使人们保持兴趣;维持生命 Maintain is used especially to talk about keeping sth at its usual level for an unlimited period of time. * maintain尤指使事物在不受限定的时间内保持惯常的水平They believe that the role of the state is to maintain the status quo, rather than to promote major economic and social change.他们认为国家的职能是保持现状,而不是促进经济和社会的重大变革。 Sustain is used more to talk about keeping sth at a higher than usual level for a long but not unlimited period. * sustain较多指使事物在很长但并非无限的时间内保持高于往常的水平How long can this level of growth be sustained?这种水平的增长能持续多久?
extend [transitive] (rather formal) to make sth last longer 延长⋯的期限(或寿命)They've agreed to extend the deadline.他们同意延长截止期限。The show has been extended for another six weeks.展览会又延长了六周。Careful maintenance can extend the life of your car by several years.精心保养可使汽车寿命延长几年。 see also extended long adj. extension


[countable] He's been granted an extension of the contract for another year.他的合同获得延期一年。
prolong prəˈlɒŋ; NAmE prəˈlɔːŋ, prəˈlɑːŋ [transitive] (rather formal) to make sth last longer 延长⋯的期限(或寿命)The operation could prolong his life by two or three years.这次手术可使他多活两三年。Don't prolong the agony (= of not knowing sth) -just tell us who won!别卖关子了-快说谁赢了! see also prolonged long adj. NOTE 辨析 Extend or prolong? Extend is used especially in business contexts. * extend尤用于商务语境to extend a deadline / an overdraft / a trip / a visa / a right / a mandate延长截止期限;提供透支;延长旅行/签证/权利/任期 Prolong is more often used to talk about making experiences last longer. * prolong较多指延长经历to prolong your stay / visit / life / survival / agony / misery延长逗留时间/访问/生命/生存时间/痛苦/不幸 ˌkeep sth ˈup

phrasal verb

(kept, kept)to make sth stay at a high level; to continue to use or practise sth 使⋯保持在高水平;沿用;沿袭;保持The high cost of raw materials is keeping prices up.昂贵的原料费用使价格居高不下。They sang songs to keep their spirits up.他们唱歌以保持高昂的情绪。We try to keep up the old customs.我们尽量保持这些老习俗。Do you still keep up your Spanish?你还坚持说西班牙语吗?
ˌkeep sth ˈgoing


(kept, kept) (rather informal, especially spoken) to make an effort to make a process, activity or tradition continue to happen or exist 使(进程、活动或传统)维持下去We have a chance of winning the championship as long as we can keep the momentum going (= keep playing at the same high level).我们只要能保持这个势头就有机会夺冠。
perpetuate pəˈpetʃueɪt; NAmE pərˈpetʃueɪt [transitive] (formal) to make sth such as a bad situation or a belief continue for a long time 使(恶劣局面或信念等)持久化(或持续)This new law just serves to perpetuate inequality.这项新法律只会持续造成不平等。This system perpetuated itself for several centuries.这一制度维持了几个世纪。Comics and books for children tend to perpetuate the myth that 'boys don't cry'.儿童连环画和图书往往在延续着“男儿有泪不轻弹”的固有观念。Typical collocates of perpetuate are inequality, myth, stereotype and system. * perpetuate的常见搭配词有inequality、myth、stereotype和system。 ˌprop sth ˈup

phrasal verb

(-pp-) (often disapproving, especially business 尤用于商业) to help sth that is having difficulties, when it might be better to let it fail and use your resources for sth else 帮助,扶持,救济(本该任其败落的事物)The government was accused of propping up declining industries.人们指责政府贴补日趋衰落的产业。 Prop sth up is used most often in financial contexts. * prop sth up最常用于金融语境to prop up the economy / exchange value of sterling / pound / dollar / stockmarket扶持经济;维持英镑/美元的汇兑价值;救助股市


maintain law and order 维持治安a beautifully maintained house 养护得很好的房子maintain ♦︎ preserve ♦︎ service ♦︎ keep sth upThese words all mean to keep sth in good condition. 这些词均表示保养、维护。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to maintain / preserve a houseto maintain / service a / an car / applianceto have / keep sth maintained / preserved / servicedsth is well / fully maintained / preserved / servicedsth is regularly maintained / servicedsth is maintained / preserved intact maintain meɪnˈteɪn [transitive] to keep sth such as a building or machine in good condition by checking or repairing it regularly 维修;保养The house is large and difficult to maintain.房子很大,难以养护。The grounds are beautifully maintained.庭院养护得很好。 see also maintenance repair noun preserve [transitive, often passive] to keep sth in its original state in good condition 维持⋯的原状;保存;保养Three miles away is a perfectly preserved stretch of Roman road.3英里以外是一段保存完好的古罗马公路。 (humorous) Is he really 60? He's remarkably well preserved.他真有60岁吗?他真会保养啊。 preservation


[uncountable] building / environmental preservation建筑物的保养;环境保护
service [transitive, usually passive] to examine a vehicle or machine and repair it if necessary so that it continues to work correctly 检修;维护;保养We need to have the car serviced.我们得把车送去检修一下了。Gas appliances should be regularly serviced.燃气器具应该定期检修。 see also service , servicing repair noun ˌkeep sth ˈup

phrasal verb

to take care of a place, house or garden so that it stays in good condition 保养,维护(场地、房屋或花园)We can't stay in this house-we simply don't have the money to keep it up.我们不能住在这栋房子里,我们根本负担不起维护费。 see also upkeep repair noun

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