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IELTS BNC: 2588 COCA: 3526


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  1. a talk that is given to a group of people to teach them about a particular subject, often as part of a university or college course(通常指大学里的)讲座,讲课,演讲
    • to go to/attend a lecture去听讲座
    • to give/deliver a lecture发表演讲
    • I have a lecture at nine tomorrow.我明天 9 点有课。
    • lecture on something a series of lectures on Jane Austen关于简·奥斯汀的系列讲座
    • a course of lectures on art history艺术史讲座课程
    • lecture about something an illustrated lecture about the planet Mars关于火星的插图讲座
    • lecture to somebody a book based on her lectures to students根据她给学生讲课写成的书
    • a lecture to the Darwin Society为达尔文学会举行的演讲
    • lecture by somebody a lecture by Professor Snow斯诺教授的讲座
    • in a lecture She spoke about the environmental problems of the future in a lecture at Georgetown University.她在乔治敦大学的一次演讲中谈到了未来的环境问题。
    • at a lecture There were very few students at his lecture that morning.那天早上他讲课的学生很少。
    Synonyms speechspeech
    • lecture
    • address
    • talk
    • sermon
    These are all words for a talk given to an audience.
    • speech a formal talk given to an audience:
      • Several people made speeches at the wedding.有几个人在婚礼上讲了话。
    • lecture a talk given to a group of people to tell them about a particular subject, often as part of a university or college course:
      • a lecture on the Roman army关于罗马军队的讲座
      • a course/​series of lectures讲座课程;系列讲座
    • address a formal speech given to an audience:
      • a televised presidential address总统的电视演讲
    speech or address?用 speech 还是 address?A speech can be given on a public or private occasion; an address is always public: He gave an address at the wedding.
    • talk a fairly informal session in which somebody tells a group of people about a subject:
      • She gave an interesting talk on her visit to China.她做了个关于她在中国访问的有趣报告。
    • sermon a talk on a moral or religious subject, usually given by a religious leader during a service:
      • to preach a sermon布道
    • a long/​short speech/​lecture/​address/​talk/​sermon
    • a keynote speech/​lecture/​address
    • to write/​prepare/​give/​deliver/​hear a(n) speech/​lecture/​address/​talk/​sermon
    • to attend/​go to a lecture/​talk
    Collocations EducationEducation教育Learning学习
    • acquire/​get/​lack (an) education/​training/(British English) (some) qualifications获得/缺少教育/培训/资格
    • receive/​provide somebody with training/​tuition得到/给某人提供培训/指导
    • develop/​design/​plan a curriculum/(especially British English) course/(North American English) program/​syllabus制订课程方案/教学大纲
    • give/​go to/​attend a class/​lesson/​lecture/​seminar讲课;上课;举办/参加/出席研讨会
    • hold/​run/​conduct a class/​seminar/​workshop办班;举办研讨会/讲习班
    • sign up for/​take a course/​classes/​lessons报名参加/修读课程
    • go to/​start preschool/​kindergarten/​nursery school上学前班/幼儿园/托儿所
    • be in the first, second, etc. (North American English) grade/(especially British English) year (at school)在读一年级、二年级等
    • study/​take/​drop history/​chemistry/​German, etc.修读/放弃修历史课/化学课/德语课等
    • (British English) leave/​finish/​drop out of/ (North American English) quit school
    • (North American English) graduate high school/​college
    Problems at school在学校遇到的问题
    • be the victim/​target of bullying成为被欺负的受害者/对象
    • (British English) play truant from/ (both British English, informal) bunk off/​skive off school (= not go to school when you should)
    • (both especially North American English) skip/​cut class/​school
    • (British English) cheat in/(North American English) cheat on an exam/​a test
    • get/​be given a detention (for doing something)(因做了某事)被罚放学后留校
    • be expelled from/​be suspended from school被学校开除/暂时停学
    Work and exams功课和考试
    • do your homework/(British English) revision/​a project on something做家庭作业;复习功课;对…做专题研究
    • work on/​write/​do/​submit an essay/​a dissertation/​a thesis/​an assignment/(North American English) a paper写/提交文章/学位论文/毕业论文/作业/论文
    • finish/​complete your dissertation/​thesis/​studies/​coursework完成学位论文/毕业论文/学业/课程作业
    • hand in/ (North American English) turn in your homework/​essay/​assignment/​paper提交家庭作业/文章/作业/论文
    • study/​prepare/ (British English) revise/ (North American English) review/ (North American English, informal) cram for a test/​an exam为应考而学习/准备/复习/临时死记硬背
    • take/ (both British English) do/​sit a test/​an exam参加考试
    • (especially British English) mark/ (especially North American English) grade homework/​a test
    • (British English) do well in/ (North American English) do well on/ (informal, especially North American English) ace a test/​an exam
    • pass/​fail/ (informal, especially North American English) flunk a test/​an exam/​a class/​a course/​a subject测验/考试/课程/学科及格/不及格
    • apply to/​get into/​go to/​start college/(British English) university申请/上/开始上大学
    • leave/​graduate from law school/​college/(British English) university (with a degree in computer science)离开/毕业于法学院;离开大学;大学毕业(取得计算机科学的学位)
    • study for/​take/ (British English) do/​complete a law degree/​a degree in physics攻读/读完法学学位/物理学位课程
    • (both North American English) major/​minor in biology/​philosophy主修/辅修生物学/哲学
    • earn/​receive/​be awarded/​get/​have/​hold a master’s degree/​a bachelor’s degree/​a PhD in economics获得/被授予/拿到/拥有经济学硕士学位/学士学位/博士学位
    Extra Examples
    • Professor Pearson gave the inaugural lecture in the new lecture theatre.皮尔逊教授在新的阶梯讲堂发表了启用演说。
    • She referred to Professor Jones's work in her lecture on Shakespeare's imagery.她在莎士比亚的意象运用讲座中谈及了琼斯教授的研究。
    • She wasn't at the lecture.她没来听讲座。
    • The fire alarm went during his lecture.他演讲时火警铃响了。
    • The society is putting on a series of lectures on the subject next term.这个社团下学期要举办有关该主题的系列演讲。
    • a familiar figure on the international lecture circuit经常进行国际巡回讲学的人物
    • a lecture entitled ‘How to Prevent Food Poisoning’题为“怎样防止食物中毒”的演讲
    • He gave a very interesting and informative lecture on the Roman army.他以古罗马军队为题作了一次既饶有趣味又能长见识的讲座。
    • a lecture room/​hall演讲室;演讲厅
    Topics Educationa2
    Oxford Collocations Dictionaryadjective
    • fascinating
    • interesting
    • boring
    … of lectures
    • course
    • programme/​program
    • series
    verb + lecture
    • deliver
    • give
    • present
    lecture + noun
    • course
    • programme/​program
    • series
    • at a/​the lecture
    • during a/​the lecture
    • in a/​the lecture
    • a lecture entitled something
    • a lecture titled something
    • a lecture on the subject of something
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  2. a long, angry talk that somebody gives to one person or a group of people because they have done something wrong(冗长的)教训,训斥,谴责
    • I know I should stop smoking—don't give me a lecture about it.我知道我该戒烟,别再教训我了。
    Extra Examples
    • I don't need any lectures from you on responsibility.用不着你来教育我要担当责任。
    • I don't take lectures from anyone on how to behave.不管谁来教训我该如何有礼貌,我都不会听。
    • I got a lecture from Dad about coming home on time.我没有按时回家,受到爸爸的训斥。
    • She gave me a stern lecture on ingratitude.她严厉地数落我如何忘恩负义。
    Oxford Collocations Dictionaryadjective
    • little
    • long
    • stern
    verb + lecture
    • give somebody
    • get
    • need
    • lecture about
    • lecture on
    • lecture from
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  3. Word Originlate Middle English (in the sense ‘reading, a text to read’): from Old French, or from medieval Latin lectura, from Latin lect- ‘read, chosen’, from the verb legere.


Verb Forms
present simple I / you / we / they lecture
he / she / it lectures
past simple lectured
past participle lectured
-ing form lecturing
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  1. [intransitive] to give a talk or a series of talks to a group of people on a subject, especially as a way of teaching in a university or college(尤指在大学里)开讲座,讲授,讲课
    • He has taught and lectured at the University of Pretoria.他曾在比勒陀利亚大学任教和演讲。
    • lecture on something He lectures on Islamic history at Birkbeck College.他在伯克贝克学院讲授伊斯兰历史。
    • lecture in something She lectures in Russian literature.她讲授俄罗斯文学。
    • lecture to somebody a live broadcast of the professor lecturing to students教授给学生讲课的现场直播
    Topics Educationa2
  2. [transitive] to criticize somebody or tell them how you think they should behave, especially when it is done in an annoying way(尤指恼人地)指责,训斥,告诫
    • lecture somebody Don’t start lecturing me!别教训我呀!
    • lecture somebody about/on something He's always lecturing me about the way I dress.他对我的衣着总是指手画脚的。
    • lecture somebody about doing something She lectured me about taking responsibility for my actions.她告诫我要为自己的行为负责。
  3. Word Originlate Middle English (in the sense ‘reading, a text to read’): from Old French, or from medieval Latin lectura, from Latin lect- ‘read, chosen’, from the verb legere.
IELTS BNC: 2588 COCA: 3526


1talk given to a group of people講座ADJECTIVE | ... OF LECTURES | VERB + LECTURE | LECTURE + NOUN | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEfascinating, interesting引人入勝的/有趣的演講boring乏味的演講formal正式的演講illustrated配圖講座impromptu即興演講guest客座講座a two-day event of guest lectures, seminars and workshops為期兩天的客座講座、研討會和講習班public公開演講annual年度演講inaugural, introductory就職/開場演說Professor Pearson gave the inaugural lecture.皮爾遜教授發表了就職演講。keynote, plenary主題演講;全體出席的講座memorial紀念演說class, classroom (both NAmE) 講課... OF LECTUREScourse, programme/program, series一次講座;一系列講座VERB + LECTUREdeliver, give, present發表演講hold舉辦講座The society is holding a series of lectures on the subject next term.這個社團下學期要舉辦有關該主題的系列講座。attend, go to, hear, listen to出席講座;聽講座miss, skip錯過演講;聽課缺席prepare, write準備演講;寫演講稿have有課I have a lecture at nine tomorrow.我明天 9 點有課。LECTURE + NOUNcourse, programme/program, series講座課程;系列講座hall, room, theatre/theater講堂;演講室;階梯教室notes講稿format (especially NAmE) 講座格式tour巡迴演講circuit巡迴講學a familiar figure on the international lecture circuit經常進行國際巡迴講學的人物PREPOSITIONat a/the lecture出席講座She wasn't at the lecture.她沒來聽講座。during a/the lecture演講期間The fire alarm went during his lecture.他演講時火警鈴響了。in a/the lecture在講座中She referred to Professor Jones's work in her lecture on Shakespeare's imagery.她在莎士比亞的意象運用講座中談及了瓊斯教授的研究。lecture by⋯主講的講座a lecture by Professor Snow斯諾教授的講座lecture about, lecture on關於⋯的講座lecture to面向⋯的講座a lecture to the Darwin Society為達爾文學會舉行的演講PHRASESa lecture entitled sth, a lecture titled sth (NAmE) 題為⋯的講座a lecture entitled 'How to Prevent Food Poisoning'題為《怎樣防止食物中毒》的講座a lecture on the subject of sth關於⋯主題的演講


2serious talk to sb about what they have done wrong訓斥ADJECTIVE | VERB + LECTURE | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVElittle, long小小的/長篇大論的訓斥stern嚴厲的訓斥VERB + LECTUREgive sb訓斥某人She gave me a stern lecture on ingratitude.她嚴厲地數落我如何忘恩負義。get受到訓斥I got a lecture from Dad about not coming home on time.我沒有按時回家,受到了爸爸的訓斥。need需要指教I don't need any lectures from you on responsibility.用不着你來教育我要擔當責任。PREPOSITIONlecture about, lecture on關於⋯的訓斥I don't take lectures from anyone on how to behave.不管誰來教訓我該如何有禮貌,我都不會聽。lecture from來自⋯的訓斥
IELTS BNC: 2588 COCA: 3526
lecture verb
scold (Don't start lecturing me!) teach (lecture in philosophy)
lecture noun

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