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IELTS BNC: 1106 COCA: 943


In sense 15 flied
is used for the past tense and past participle.
Verb Forms
present simple I / you / we / they fly
he / she / it flies
past simple flew
past participle flown
-ing form flying
Idioms Phrasal Verbs
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    of bird/insect鸟;昆虫

  1. [intransitive] to move through the air, using wings飞;飞翔
    • Penguins can't fly. 企鹅不会飞。
    • + adv./prep. A stork flew slowly past.一只鹳缓缓飞过。
    • A wasp had flown in through the window.一只黄蜂从窗口飞了进来。
    • Geese fly south in the fall. 鹅在秋天向南飞。
    Oxford Collocations Dictionaryadverb
    • high
    • low
    • fast
    • above
    • over
    See full entry
  2. aircraft/spacecraft航空器;航天器

  3. [intransitive] (of an aircraft or a spacecraft航空器或航天器) to move through air or space(在空中或宇宙)飞行,航行
    • fly (from A) (to B) They were on a plane flying from London to New York.他们在从伦敦飞往纽约的飞机上。
    • fly (to B) (from A) Lufthansa fly to La Paz from Frankfurt.汉莎航空公司的飞机从法兰克福飞往拉巴斯。
    • + adv./prep. Enemy planes fly overhead.敌机在头顶飞过。
    • to fly at the speed of sound以声速飞行
    • The aircraft was declared fully functional and fit to fly. 这架飞机被宣布功能齐全,适合飞行。
    Topics Transport by aira1
    Oxford Collocations Dictionaryadverb
    • high
    • low
    • fast
    • above
    • over
    See full entry
  4. [intransitive] to travel in an aircraft or a spacecraft(乘航空器或航天器)航行,飞行
    • Is this the first time that you've flown?这是你第一次乘飞机吗?
    • fly (from A) (to B) I'm flying to Hong Kong tomorrow.明天我要乘飞机去香港。
    • fly + adv./prep. I was flying home to visit my family. 我正乘飞机回家看望家人。
    • + noun I always fly business class.我搭飞机总是坐商务舱。
    • We're flying KLM.我们乘坐荷兰皇家航空公司的飞机。
    Topics Transport by aira1
    Oxford Collocations Dictionaryadverb
    • high
    • low
    • fast
    • above
    • over
    See full entry
  5. [transitive, intransitive] to control an aircraft, etc. in the air驾驶(飞机等);操纵(飞行器等)
    • He's learning to fly.他在学习驾驶飞机。
    • fly something a pilot trained to fly large passenger planes受过驾驶大型客机训练的飞行员
    • children flying kites放风筝的儿童
    Extra Examples
    • She's trained to fly passenger planes, not military jets.她受过驾驶客机的训练,而不是战斗机。
    • You'll have to fly the helicopter over some dangerous territory.你必须驾驶直升机飞越一些危险的地区。
    Topics Transport by aira1
  6. [transitive] + adv./prep. to transport goods or passengers in a plane空运(货物或乘客)
    • The stranded tourists were finally flown home.滞留的游客终于由飞机送返家园。
    • He had flowers specially flown in for the ceremony.他特地为这个庆典空运鲜花来。
    • Orders were given to fly the prisoners to the US.已下令将囚犯空运到美国。
    Topics Transport by airb2
  7. [transitive] fly something to move through the air for a particular distance; to travel over an ocean or area of land in an aircraft乘飞行器飞越(海洋或陆地)
    • Some birds fly huge distances when they migrate.有些鸟迁徙时会飞很远的距离。
    • Who was the first person to fly the Atlantic?谁是飞越大西洋的第一人?
    • Only four airlines are currently allowed to fly transatlantic routes from Heathrow. 目前只有四家航空公司被允许从希思罗机场飞往跨大西洋航线。
    Topics Transport by airb2
  8. move quickly/suddenly快速/突然移动

  9. [intransitive] (+ adv./prep.) to go or move quickly疾驰;疾行;快速移动
    • The train was flying along.火车飞驰着。
    • She gasped and her hand flew to her mouth.她倒抽了一口气,连忙用手掩着嘴。
    • It's late—I must fly.已经晚了,我得赶快走。
  10. [intransitive] to move suddenly and with force猛然移动
    • (+ adv./prep.) A large stone came flying in through the window.一块大石头飞进了窗户。
    • Several people were hit by flying glass.有几个人被飞溅的玻璃击中。
    • + adj. David gave the door a kick and it flew open.戴维踢了门一脚,门一下子开了。
  11. of time时间

  12. [intransitive] to seem to pass very quickly飞逝
    • Doesn't time fly?时间过得真快!
    • fly by/past Summer has just flown by.夏天一晃就过去了。
  13. flag旗帜

  14. [intransitive, transitive] if a flag flies, or if you fly it, it is displayed, for example on a pole (= a long piece of wood or metal)(旗)飘扬;升,悬挂(旗)
    • Flags were flying at half mast on all public buildings.所有的公共建筑都降半旗。
    • fly something to fly the Stars and Stripes悬挂美国国旗
  15. move freely自由移动

  16. [intransitive] to move around freely自由移动
    • hair flying in the wind随风飘拂的头发
  17. of stories/rumours故事;传闻

  18. [intransitive] to be talked about by many people流传;四处传播
  19. escape逃跑

  20. [transitive, intransitive] fly (something) (formal) to escape from somebody/something(从…)逃走,逃跑
    • Both suspects have flown the country.两个嫌疑犯都逃到国外了。
    compare flee
  21. of plan计划

  22. [intransitive] (especially North American English) to be successful成功
    • It remains to be seen whether his project will fly.他的计划能否成功尚需拭目以待。
  23. in baseball棒球

  24. (flies, flying, flied, flied)
    [intransitive, transitive] fly (something) to hit a ball high into the air将(球)击出飞球
  25. Word Originverb Old English flēogan, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch vliegen and German fliegen, also to fly, the insect.
as the crow flies
  1. in a straight line成直线地;笔直地
    • The villages are no more than a mile apart as the crow flies.这些村庄直线距离相隔不超过一英里。
the bird has flown
  1. the wanted person has escaped要抓的人逃掉了
(fly) by the seat of your pants
  1. (informal) to act without careful thought and without a plan that you have made in advance, hoping that you will be lucky and be successful临时凭感觉碰运气;凭经验瞎碰 synonym wing it
fly the coop
  1. (informal, especially North American English) to escape from a place逃走
fly/show/wave the flag
  1. to show your support for your country, an organization or an idea to encourage or persuade others to do the same表示并号召拥护自己的国家(或某组织、某思想)
fly high
  1. to be successful成功
    • British cinema has been flying high recently, winning several coveted awards.英国电影最近飞黄腾达,赢得了几个令人垂涎的奖项。
    Topics Successc1
fly in the face of something
  1. to oppose or be the opposite of something that is usual or expected悍然不顾;公然违抗;与…相悖
    • Such a proposal is flying in the face of common sense.这个建议违反常识。
fly into a rage, temper, etc.
  1. to become suddenly very angry勃然大怒Topics Feelingsc2
fly a kite
  1. (informal) to test out public opinion on a subject成功
    • The company is flying a kite to see if this plan provokes any interest.公司正在试探这个计划是否会引起兴趣。
fly the nest
  1. (of a young bird幼鸟) to become able to fly and leave its nest羽翼已丰可离巢
  2. (informal) (of somebody’s child子女) to leave home and live somewhere else另立门户
    • Her children have flown the nest.她的孩子们已经离家独立。
fly/go off at a tangent (British English)
(North American English go off on a tangent)
  1. (informal) to suddenly start saying or doing something that does not seem to be connected to what has gone before突然转换话题;突然改变行动
    • He never sticks to the point but keeps going off at a tangent.他从来不坚持要点,而是一直离题。
    • Laura’s mind went off at a tangent.劳拉心不在焉。
fly off the handle
  1. (informal) to suddenly become very angry大发雷霆
    • He seems to fly off the handle about the slightest thing these days.这些天来,他似乎为一点小事就大发雷霆。
    Topics Feelingsc2
fly/go out (of) the window
  1. (informal) to stop existing; to disappear completely化为乌有;消失殆尽
    • As soon as the kids arrived, order went out of the window.孩子们一到,一切就都乱了套。
go flying
  1. (informal) to fall, especially as a result of not seeing something under your feet跌倒;(尤指)绊了一跤
    • Someone's going to go flying if you don't pick up these toys.你要是不捡起这些玩具,就会绊倒别人。
go fly a/your kite
  1. (North American English, informal) used to tell somebody to go away and stop annoying you or interfering走开;别烦人;别插手
keep the flag flying
  1. to represent your country or organization代表自己的国家(或组织)
    • Our exporters keep the flag flying at international trade exhibitions.我们的出口商在国际贸易展览会上代表我们的国家参展。
let fly (at somebody/something) (with something)
  1. to attack somebody by hitting them or speaking angrily to them(用…)打;(向某人)大发雷霆
    • He let fly at me with his fist.他挥拳打我。
    • She let fly with a stream of abuse.她破口大骂了一通。
pigs might fly (British English)
(North American English when pigs fly)
  1. (ironic, saying) used to show that you do not believe something will ever happen(表示不相信某事会发生)太阳从西出
    • ‘With a bit of luck, we'll be finished by the end of the year.’ ‘Yes, and pigs might fly!’“运气不错的话,我们年底就能完成。” “是啊,太阳能打西边出嘛!”
time flies
  1. (saying) time seems to pass very quickly时间过得真快;光阴似箭;时光飞逝
    • How time flies! I've got to go now.时间过得真快!现在我得走了。
    • Time has flown since the holiday began.假日一开始,时间就过得飞快。


(plural flies)
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  1. [countable] a small flying insect with two wings. There are many different types of fly and many of them spread disease.蝇;苍蝇
    • A fly was buzzing against the window.一只苍蝇嗡嗡地飞着,直撞窗子。
    • Flies rose in thick black swarms.苍蝇黑压压地成群飞起。
    • A fly settled on the butter.一只苍蝇落在黄油上。
    • I swatted the fly with a newspaper.我用一张报纸拍苍蝇。
    see also crane fly, fruit fly, tsetse flyTopics Insects, worms, etc.a2
    Oxford Collocations Dictionaryverb + fly
    • shoo
    • shoo away
    • swat
    fly + verb
    • buzz
    • crawl
    • land (on something)
    fly + noun
    • larva
    • spray
    See full entry
  2. in fishing钓鱼

  3. [countable] a fly or something made to look like a fly, that is put on the end of a fishing line and used as bait to catch fish(作钓饵的)苍蝇,假蝇
    • fly fishing用假蝇作饵钓鱼
  4. on trousers/pants裤子

  5. [singular]
    (British English also flies)
    an opening down the front of a pair of trousers that fastens with a zip or buttons and is usually covered over by a narrow piece of material(裤子的)前裆开口
    • Your fly is undone!你的裤子前裆没拉上!
    • Your flies are undone!你的裤子前裆开着呢!
    Topics Clothes and Fashionc1
    Oxford Collocations Dictionaryadjective
    • button
    verb + fly/​flies
    • button
    • button up
    • do up
    fly + noun
    • button
    See full entry
  6. on tent帐篷

  7. [countable] a piece of material that covers the entrance to a tent门帘
  8. see also flies

    in baseball棒球

  9. (also fly ball)
    a ball that is hit high into the air将(球)击出飞球 see also pop fly
  10. Word Originnoun senses 3 to 4 Old English flēogan, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch vliegen and German fliegen, also to fly, the insect. noun senses 1 to 2 Old English flȳge, flēoge, denoting any winged insect, of West Germanic origin; related to Dutch vlieg and German Fliege, also to fly (verb).
die/fall/drop like flies
  1. (informal) to die or become ill and fall down in very large numbers大批死亡;大批倒下
    • People were dropping like flies in the intense heat.酷暑中人们成批死去。
a/the fly in the ointment
  1. a person or thing that makes a situation or an occasion less pleasant, successful, etc.扫兴的人;煞风景的事物
a fly on the wall
  1. a person who watches others without being noticed不为人觉察的观察者
    • I'd love to be a fly on the wall when he tells her the news.他把这消息告诉她时,我想悄悄在旁观看。
    • fly-on-the-wall documentaries (= in which people are filmed going about their normal lives as if the camera were not there)纪实影片
(there are) no flies on somebody
  1. (informal) the person mentioned is clever and not easily tricked某人精明得不会上当
not harm/hurt a fly
  1. to be kind and gentle and unwilling to cause unhappiness连一只苍蝇都不肯伤害;心地善良
on the fly
  1. (informal) if you do something on the fly, you do it quickly while something else is happening, and without thinking about it very much赶紧地;匆忙中
  2. (computing计算机) while a computer program or application is operating, without completely restarting it化为乌有;消失殆尽
    • Now, while I'm on the desktop, I can switch between open apps on the fly.现在,当我在桌面上时,我可以在打开的应用程序之间切换。


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  1. (British English) clever and showing good judgement about people, especially so that you can get an advantage for yourself机灵的;机警的;不会上当的
  2. (North American English, informal) fashionable and attractive时髦迷人的;漂亮的
  3. Word Originadjective early 19th cent.: of unknown origin.
IELTS BNC: 1106 COCA: 943


1insect昆蟲VERB + FLY | FLY + VERB | FLY + NOUN VERB + FLYshoo, shoo away, swat發噓聲趕蒼蠅;發噓聲趕走蒼蠅;拍蒼蠅I swatted the fly with a newspaper.我用一張報紙拍蒼蠅。attract吸引蒼蠅catch捉蒼蠅FLY + VERBbuzz蒼蠅嗡嗡叫A fly was buzzing against the window.一隻蒼蠅貼在窗戶上嗡嗡地叫着。crawl蒼蠅爬land (on sth)蒼蠅落(在⋯上)A fly landed on the butter.一隻蒼蠅落在黃油上。FLY + NOUNlarvaspray滅蠅噴霧劑


2 (BrE also flies) on trousers/pants褲子ADJECTIVE | VERB + FLY/FLIES | FLY + NOUN ADJECTIVEbutton鈕扣褲洞VERB + FLY/FLIESbutton, button up, do up, zip up扣上褲洞鈕扣;拉上褲洞拉鏈undo, unzip解開褲洞鈕扣;拉開褲洞拉鏈Do you know your fly is undone?你的褲洞未扣好,知道嗎?Your flies are undone! (BrE) 你的褲洞沒扣好!FLY + NOUNbutton褲洞鈕扣 topic at clothes


ADVERB | PREPOSITION ADVERBhigh, low飛得高;飛得低fast, slowly飛得快;飛得慢about, around, back, down, out, past到處飛;兜着圈子飛;飛回;飛下;飛出去;飛過away, off飛離;飛走PREPOSITIONabove在⋯上面飛We watched the birds flying high above us.我們看着鳥兒在我們頭頂上空高飛。over在⋯上空飛a plane flying low over the sea沿着海面低空飛行的飛機
IELTS BNC: 1106 COCA: 943
fly verb
fly1 (a bird/plane flies) fly2 (A stone came flying through the window.) blow1 (Flags were flying.) drive1 (fly a plane) go2 (fly business class) hurry (flying along) take1 (The tourists were flown home.)


a bird/plane flies 鸟儿飞翔;飞机飞行A stone came flying through the window. 一块石头飞进了窗户。fly ♦︎ flutter ♦︎ glide ♦︎ soarThese words all mean to move through the air, for example in a plane or using wings. 这些词均表示在空中飞,如飞机飞行或展翅而飞。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to fly / flutter / glide / soar awayto fly / glide / soar off / above / over / overhead / upto fly / glide through the airto fly / soar into the air / sky / cloudsto fly / soar high / higher fly (flew, flown) [intransitive] to move through the air or through space 飞;飞翔;飞行A wasp had flown in through the window.一只黄蜂从窗口飞了进来。It was autumn, and the birds were flying south.时值秋日,群鸟南飞。Helicopters flew to and fro overhead.直升机在头顶上方往返飞行。 see also fly go 2 flight


[uncountable] the age of supersonic flight超声速飞行时代The bird is easily recognized in flight (= when it is flying).这种鸟飞翔时很容易认出来。 see also flight flight
flutter [intransitive] (always used with an adverb or preposition 总是与副词或介词连用) (of a bird or insect) to fly somewhere, moving the wings quickly and lightly (鸟或昆虫)飞来飞去,翩翩飞舞A butterfly fluttered from flower to flower.一只蝴蝶在花丛中飞来飞去。The birds fluttered nervously in their cage.那些鸟在笼子里不安地飞来飞去。 glide [intransitive] (usually used with an adverb or preposition 通常与副词或介词连用) (of birds and aircraft) to fly using air currents, not moving the wings or using engine power (鸟和飞机)滑翔The swan spread its wings and glided gently downward.那只天鹅展开双翅轻盈地向下滑翔。He cut the engines and glided silently into the clearing.他关上发动机,无声地滑翔降落在林中空地。 soar sɔː(r) [intransitive] (written) to fly very high in the air; to fly very quickly up into the air 高飞;翱翔;升空An eagle was soaring high above the cliffs.一只雕在悬崖上空高高翱翔。The plane was soon soaring up into the sky.飞机很快就要升空了。


a bird/plane flies 鸟儿飞翔;飞机飞行A stone came flying through the window. 一块石头飞进了窗户。 See also the entry for run 1 另见run条第1义fly ♦︎ shoot ♦︎ speed ♦︎ hurtle ♦︎ whizz ♦︎ zoom ♦︎ career ♦︎ flash ♦︎ streakThese words all mean to go or move very fast. 这些词均表示快速移动、飞奔、疾驰。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to fly / shoot / speed / hurtle / whizz / zoom / career / flash / streak down / across (sth)to fly / shoot / speed / hurtle / whizz / zoom / flash / streak past (sb / sth)to fly / shoot / speed / hurtle / whizz / career / streak through sthto fly / shoot / speed / hurtle / whizz / zoom along (sth)to fly / shoot / speed / hurtle / career into sthto fly / speed / hurtle / whizz / zoom / flash / streak byto fly / shoot / speed / hurtle / zoom / career off fly (flew, flown) [intransitive] (usually used with an adverb or preposition 通常与副词或介词连用) to move suddenly and with force in a particular direction 猛然移动A large stone came flying in through the window.一块大石头飞进了窗户。David gave the door a kick and it flew open.戴维踢了门一脚,门一下子开了。The other player was sent flying by the tackle.另一名队员被那个阻截者撞开了。She flew at him with clenched fists.她攥紧拳头朝他冲过去。He flew into her arms.他扑进她的怀抱。 shoot (shot, shot) [intransitive, transitive] (always used with an adverb or preposition 总是与副词或介词连用) to move suddenly and quickly in a particular direction; to make sb/sth do this (朝某个方向)冲,奔,飞驰;使飞驰Flames were shooting up through the roof.火不断从房顶蹿上来。A cat shot out into the road in front of him.一只猫突然蹿到他前面的路上。He shot an arm out to stop her.他猛地伸出胳膊去拦阻她。 speed (speeded, speeded or sped, sped) (especially written) to move along very fast, especially in a vehicle (尤指驾驶或乘搭交通工具)快速前行The car sped along the road towards the village.汽车沿着公路飞速朝村庄驶去。Jock sped away on his bike.乔克飞快地骑着自行车走了。 see also speed accelerate hurtle ˈhɜːtl; NAmE ˈhɜːrtl [intransitive] (always used with an adverb or preposition 总是与副词或介词连用) to move forward very fast, especially in an uncontrolled way (尤指失控地)飞驰,猛冲A train came hurtling through the station.一列火车从车站飞驰而过。 whizz (especially BrE) ( whiz, especially in NAmE) wɪz [intransitive] (always used with an adverb or preposition 总是与副词或介词连用) (rather informal) to move or go somewhere very fast, making a high continuous sound 嗖嗖地移动;飞速行驶A bullet whizzed past my ear.一颗子弹嗖的一声从我耳边飞过。He whizzed down the road on his motorbike.他骑着摩托车呼啸着沿路绝尘而去。 zoom [intransitive] (always used with an adverb or preposition 总是与副词或介词连用) (rather informal) to move or go somewhere very fast, often with a loud noise 快速移动,迅速前往(常伴有很大的噪音)Traffic zoomed past us.车辆从我们身边疾驰而过。He jumped into his car and zoomed off.他跳进汽车疾驶而去。 career kəˈrɪə(r); NAmE kəˈrɪr [intransitive] (especially BrE) (always used with an adverb or preposition 总是与副词或介词连用) (rather formal) to move very fast in a particular direction, especially in an uncontrolled way (尤指失控地)猛冲,疾驰,飞奔The vehicle careered off the road and hit a pedestrian.那辆车冲下马路,撞上了一个行人。 flash [intransitive] (always used with an adverb or preposition 总是与副词或介词连用) to move past or across sb/sth very quickly, so that you only see it for a moment 飞速移动;掠过The countryside flashed past as we sped along.我们一路疾驰,乡村景色飞掠而过。A look of terror flashed across his face.他脸上掠过惊恐的神色。 streak striːk [intransitive] (always used with an adverb or preposition 总是与副词或介词连用) to move so fast that it is difficult for you to see it clearly 飞奔,疾驰(以致看不清)Some kind of animal leaped out of the grass and streaked across the meadow.不知是什么动物跃出草丛,飞快地穿过草地。

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