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IELTS BNC: 486 COCA: 371


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  1. a person whose job is teaching, especially in a school教师;教员;老师;先生
    • an English/a science teacher英语/科学教师
    • primary/elementary school teachers小学教师
    • There is a growing need for qualified teachers of Business English.对合格的商务英语教师的需求日益增长。
    Vocabulary Building Teach and teachersTeach and teachers教与教师verbs
    • teach教:
      • John teaches French at the local school.约翰在当地学校教法语。
      • She taught me how to change a tyre.她教会了我换轮胎。
    • educate教育:
      • Our priority is to educate people about the dangers of drugs.我们首先要做的是教育人们认识毒品的危害。
    • instruct讲授;指导:
      • Members of staff should be instructed in the use of fire equipment.应该指导全体职员学会使用消防设备。
    • train培养;训练:
      • She’s a trained midwife.她是受过专门训练的助产士。
      • He’s training the British Olympic swimming team.他在训练英国的奥运游泳队。
    • coach辅导;训练:
      • He’s the best football player I’ve ever coached.他是我训练过的最出色的足球运动员。
      • (British English) She coaches some of the local children in maths.她给当地一些孩子辅导数学。
    • tutor
      • (North American English) 当…的教师;辅导:She tutors some of the local children in math.她给当地一些孩子辅导数学。
    • teacher教师:
      • school/​college teachers学校/大学教师
    • instructor教员;教练;指导员:
      • a swimming/​science instructor游泳教练;自然科学教员
    • trainer训练员;教练;驯兽师:
      • a horse trainer驯马师
      • Do you have a personal trainer?你有私人教练吗?
    • coach辅导;训练:
      • a football coach足球教练
    • tutor当…的教师;辅导:
      • tutors working with migrant children教移民孩子的家庭教师
    Extra Examples
    • She was a secondary school teacher.她是一名中学教师。
    • The class was taught by two teachers.这个班由两位老师教。
    • He was an inspirational teacher.他是一位鼓舞人心的老师。
    • I'm good at cooking. I had a good teacher.我厨艺很好,有过一位好老师。
    • She's been accepted at Bath Teacher Training College.她已经获得巴斯师范学院录取。
    • There's always been a shortage of good math teachers.一直缺少好的数学老师。
    Topics Educationa1, Jobsa1
    Oxford Collocations Dictionaryadjective
    • excellent
    • great
    • outstanding
    verb + teacher
    • have
    • train
    teacher + verb
    • teach something
    • work with somebody
    teacher + noun
    • education
    • preparation
    • training
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IELTS BNC: 486 COCA: 371


ADJECTIVE | VERB + TEACHER | TEACHER + VERB | TEACHER + NOUN ADJECTIVEexcellent, great, outstanding優秀的/偉大的/傑出的教師competent, good, inspired, popular, skilled稱職的/不錯的/能力卓越的/廣受歡迎的/經驗豐富的教師bad, incompetent不好的/不稱職的教師sympathetic體諒人的教師fellow教師同人former, retired以前的/退休教師female, woman女教師male男教師school (usually schoolteacher when used on its own) 學校教師She was a public school teacher (= paid for by the government). (NAmE) 她是公立學校教師。kindergarten, nursery, nursery-school, preschool幼兒園教師;託兒所教師;學前教育教師elementary, elementary-school, grade-school, high-school, junior-high, junior-high-school, middle-school (all in the US) 小學教師;中學教師;初中教師;高中教師primary, primary-school, secondary, secondary-school (all especially BrE) 小學教師;中學教師college, university (especially BrE) 大學教師first-grade, second-grade, etc. (all NAmE) 一年級、二年級等的教師head, senior(中小學)校長;高級教師She held the post of deputy head teacher at a school in Leeds.她在利茲的一所學校任副校長。certified, qualified通過教師資格認定的/合格的教師experienced, inexperienced經驗豐富的/沒有經驗的教師in-service, pre-service (both NAmE) 在職/職前教師student, trainee (BrE) 實習/見習教師master (especially NAmE) 優秀教師full-time, part-time全職/兼職教師substitute, supply, support (especially BrE) 代課教師;輔助教師class, classroom, homeroom (NAmE) 班主任special-education, special-needs (BrE) 特殊教育教師non-specialist, specialist (both especially BrE) 非專科/專科教師subject (especially BrE) 學科教師language語言教師art, English, gym, history, math, maths, music, PE, science, etc.藝術、英語、體育、歷史、數學、音樂、科學等教師EFL, ESL作為外語的英語教學/作為第二語言的英語教學教師dance, piano舞蹈/鋼琴教師Sunday-school主日學校教師spiritual精神導師VERB + TEACHERhave有教師I'm good at cooking. I had a good teacher.我廚藝很好,有過一位好老師。train培訓教師TEACHER + VERBteach sth教師教⋯work with sb教師教某人teachers working with less able students教育學困生的教師TEACHER + NOUNeducation, preparation, training師範教育;教師培訓teacher preparation programs師資培訓項目She's been accepted at teacher training college. (BrE) 她已經被師範學院錄取了。trainer師資培訓師union教師工會shortage師資短缺ratings (NAmE) 教師級別teacher ratings of reading ability教師閱讀能力評級 note at job
IELTS BNC: 486 COCA: 371


 See also the entries for coach, lecturer and professor 另见coach条、lecturer条和professor条teacher ♦︎ tutor ♦︎ educator ♦︎ schoolteacher ♦︎ governess ♦︎ educationalistThese are all words for a person whose job is teaching. 这些词均表示教师、教员、老师。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配a teacher / tutor / governess to sba former teacher / tutor / schoolteacher / governessa / an qualified / experienced / good / excellent teacher / tutora private teacher / tutora full-time / part-time teacher / tutora / an history / music / English, etc. teacher / tutor teacher [countable] a person whose job is teaching, especially in a school 教师;教员;老师;先生Who's your favourite teacher?你最喜欢哪位老师?We are looking for qualified and experienced English teachers.我们诚征合资格且有经验的英语教师。 see also teaching education tutor ˈtjuːtə(r); NAmE ˈtuːtər [countable] a private teacher, especially one who teaches an individual student or a very small group 家庭教师;私人教师He worked as a tutor to the family's three young children.他担任那家三个小孩的私人教师。Children who miss a lot of schoolwork through illness are usually allowed a home tutor.因病耽误许多功课的孩子通常获准由家庭教师辅导。In British English a tutor is also a teacher who teaches adults, or a teacher who has a special role in a school or college. 在英式英语中,tutor亦指负责成人教育或在学校里有特别任务的教师 (BrE) She's a part-time adult education tutor.她是一名成人教育的兼职教师。Who's your form tutor?谁是你的班主任? see also tutorial class 2 , tutoring education educator [countable] (formal) a person whose job is to teach or educate people 教育工作者;教师The video is being used by health educators in remote areas.这录像正被偏远地区的健康教育工作者使用。We have a wealth of resources for teacher educators (= people who teach people to be teachers).我们有大量辅助材料可供师资培训人员使用。 Educator is also the usual American English word for educationalist. * educator在美式英语中还常指教育家,意思同educationalistModern educators prefer a different approach to the teaching of reading.现代教育家偏爱使用不一样的方法来教授阅读。 see also education education schoolteacher ˈskuːltiːtʃə(r) [countable] (becoming old-fashioned) a person whose job is teaching in a school (中小学)教师An elderly schoolteacher rented the apartment upstairs.一位上了年纪的教师租了楼上的公寓。 governess ˈgʌvənəs; NAmE ˈgʌvərnəs [countable](especially in the past) a woman employed to teach the children of a rich family in their home and live with them (尤指旧时的)家庭女教师She was educated at home by a series of governesses.她在家中接受了连续好几个家庭女教师的教育。 educationalist ( educationist) [countable] (especially BrE) a specialist in theories and methods of teaching 教育家;教育学家Some leading educationalists have been cautious about this theory.一些主要的教育学家对此理论持谨慎态度。In American English this is usually called an educator. 在美式英语中,这种人通常被称为educator。
IELTS BNC: 486 COCA: 371

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